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Fox Racing Shox Shop Tour

Race-Dezert.com recently was invited to visit one of their long time sponsors and industry leaders, Fox Racing Shox.

Fox is located in Santee, CA. This is their main 4 wheel off-road vehicle division and also the “race” division. From this facility they are able to do pretty much everything in house all the way from the canister of the shock, welding of bypass tubes, all the way up to final assembly and shipping. Todd Tenbroek is one of the managers and was able to take us on a quick tour of the facilities.

We started out visiting the “race” section of the shop where everything is a one-off custom shock including valving and bypass tube placement. This is also where they rebuild the race shocks when customers send them in for service after a race.

Next we moved over to their assembly line where there is a system in place to ensure ever shock built is exactly as ordered and up to standards. Each station is plumed with its own air and oil along with the specific parts needed for the job at that station so there is no running around looking for tools or parts.

Computer monitors are placed along the assembly line to insure that each shock receives the correct valving and every hose length and angle is set exactly to spec. If there is any question the screen will show the answer.

They are sure to keep plenty of inventory on hand so they are able to keep wait times to a minimum on all orders. There are shelves just full of parts and plenty of inventory in the back.

John Marking runs the off-road division and he owns a few patents as well on various shock parts.

Thanks again to Fox Shox for letting us take a tour of your facility and be sure to check out the additional photos of the rest of the shop below! For more info on Fox please visit their website at http://www.foxracingshox.com/

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  • December 17, 2010
I think I see Bruce's shocks in there!!
  • C
  • December 17, 2010
i have a question... do they sell if i go directly to the shop?? and where is that at??
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  • December 20, 2010
Fox Racing Shox

Address: 10943 Wheatlands Ave Ste B
Santee, CA,
92071-5618 Phone: 619-596-9820
Fax: 619-258-9997

I work behind Fox, I can see the warehouse from my office.