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FOX Raptor Shocks

FOX Introduces New Shock Upgrade for 2017 Ford Raptor

FOX has developed an off-road race inspired upgraded shock package for the second generation Raptor. The Factory Race Series upgrade kit for the 2017+ Raptor is designed to take the truck’s renowned off-road performance to the next level by adding significant adjustability and improved cooling efficiency without compromising every day ride quality.

After thorough testing during the development phase of stock FOX Internal Bypass shocks, it was clear that the 3.0” body diameter was the perfect match for the Raptor, delivering unrivaled off-road performance and every day comfort. With that in mind, FOX engineers aimed to maintain the Raptor’s ride quality while further enhancing its off-road capabilities. Rather than simply increasing shock size, which would create excessive damping force and result in harshness, their solution was to maintain the 3.0” body diameter, add a high level of adjustability, and enhance fluid cooling efficiency to further improve off-road performance without sacrificing comfort

For the front shocks, FOX’s Factory Race Series kit maintains position-sensitive 3.0 Coil-Over Internal Bypass shocks with lightweight aluminum bodies, designed to dissipate heat and withstand harsh weather conditions. The shocks feature premium, racing quality springs that are set to level the Raptor front-to-rear out of the box and are paired with adjustable preload rings to provide simple ride-height adjustment. To increase cooling capacity and efficiency, an all-new finned aluminum reservoir was developed to facilitate heat dissipation and has been coupled with a new recirculating reservoir bridge through dual, unidirectional checked ports and hoses. The system more efficiently circulates fluid, greatly improving cooling when compared to a conventional reservoir. The reservoirs are also mated to Dual Speed Compression (DSC) adjusters, allowing separate tuning of both high and low-speed compression damping by hand. FOX engineers took inspiration from off-road racing for the rear upgrade by incorporating the same position-sensitive External Bypass and External Cooling System (ECS2) technology found on FOX’s elite athletes’ off-road and rock crawling race vehicles, proven to top podiums in the harshest environments across the globe. For improved durability, the rear 3.0 External Bypass steel shock bodies feature a new, proprietary coating and are paired with hard anodized aluminum piggyback reservoirs. The shocks position-sensitive damping is externally adjustable via Quick Adjust Bypass (QAB) knobs, allowing separate adjustment of the shock’s two compression and two rebound bypass zones by hand. Codenamed the Shotgun Cooler during development, the ECS2 adds additional oil capacity and dramatically improved cooling efficiency by utilizing the shocks’ rebound circuits to circulate oil through the coolers’ dual aluminum finned chambers. This forced circulation and dissipation of heat through its internal and external fins has been proven to reduce fluid temperatures by up to 150° Fin extreme off-road racing conditions. With the addition of the external reservoirs and ECS2 system, FOX’s upgraded shock kits have doubled the oil volume and drastically improved the cooling efficiency over the stock shocks to ensure consistent, fade-free damping. The wide range of adjustment allows the shocks to match the stock vehicle’s ride with the ability to increase damping force by over 50%. This race-inspired combination delivers an unprecedented level of adjustability and cooling to deliver extreme off-road performance without sacrificing ride quality in a direct replacement package designed specifically for the second generation Ford F-150 Raptor.









  • FOX patented, position-sensitive Internal Bypass damping technology
  • Hard anodized 3.0” aluminum body resists corrosion and dissipates heat faster
  • Recirculating reservoir bridge forces fluid circulation
  • New hard anodized aluminum finned remote reservoir
    • External fins act as heat sinks for increased heat dissipation
    • Reservoir mounting hardware included
  • Dual Speed Compression (DSC) adjusters allow separate high and low-speed compression adjustment by hand
  • Adjustable ride-height/preload with heavy duty 3.75″ racing spring
  • 7/8” hard chrome plated 17-4 H900 stainless steel shafts
  • Hard anodized 6061-T6 billet aluminum high flow race piston
  • Heat treated steel spherical heim mounting








  • Position-sensitive External Bypass damping technology features 4 adjustable bypass zones
  • Quick Adjust Bypass (QAB) adjusters allow tool-free bypass zone adjustment
  • Race-developed External Cooling System (ECS2) provides increased cooling efficiency
    • Internal & external aluminum fins increase cooling surface area & heat dissipation
    • Forced, unidirectional fluid circulation maximizes cooling efficiency
    • ECS2 mounting hardware included
  • Steel External Bypass body with new, proprietary coating for improved durability
  • Anodized aluminum piggyback reservoir and cooler resists corrosion and helps
    dissipates heat
  • 7/8” hard chrome plated 17-4 H900 stainless steel shafts
  • Hard anodized 6061-T6 billet aluminum high flow race piston
  • Heat treated steel spherical heim mounting

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