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Freitas Motorsports – Shop Tour

This weeks stop on the Race-Dezert.com shop tour is Freitas Offroad Motorsports. Thanks to Dan at Hostyle Racing we were able to setup a tour of the shop right before the team departed to the BITD Parker race to kick off their season. Freitas Motorsports is owned by the Father/Son team of Danny and Garrick Freitas. They have a class 1 Jimco Champion and a class 1400 prerunner truck. Their shop is located in Fresno, CA. The shop has been recently finished and is filled with only top of the line equipment. It is kept very VERY clean and you have the feeling you could eat off the shop floor!

Freitas Shop
Freitas Shop

When you walk in the office the first thing you notice is a huge painting on the wall with dogs driving the class 1 car! Also you cant but help notice the custom barber chair. I guess you never know when you might need a hair cut or shave!

Custom Painting, Dogs Driving The Race Car
Barber Chair!

The next room you come to is the bathroom and this might be one of the cleanest bathrooms anywhere. It is even complete with a full size washer and dryer!

Full Size Washer And Dryer

Next down the wall is the machine shop area. Here you will find everything from mills, welders, benders, solvent tank, everything you could ever need. This area is kept so clean you would never know any work gets done here!

Machine Shop
Mill and Bender

Throughout the shop you will find multiple top of the line Snap-On tool boxes and even a brand new Snap-On BBQ, I bet you havent seen very many of those before!

Snap-On Tool Box
Custom Rug
Snap-On BBQ


The shop has enough room inside that each of the chase trucks and semi trailer can all fit inside so they dont have to be out in the elements.

Chase Truck Box Van
Chase Truck
Semi Trailer

Every part has a bin that is clearly labeled for easy access. This takes all the guess work out of finding parts and keeps everything very organized.

Part Bins Clearly Labeled
Very Organized

When they are not racing their class 1 car they have a 1400 Prerunner truck that will do various races throughout the year. This is also what they were racing before the class 1 car was acquired.

1400 Prerunner Truck
1400 Prerunner Truck

To complete the team they also have a RZR and a couple other toys.

You can catch the Freitas race team at these races this year:

BITD Silver State 300 April 30th
SCORE Baja 500 June 4th
BITD Vegas To Reno Aug. 19th
BITD Bluewater Challenge Oct. 15-16
BITD Transwest Henderson 250 Dec. 3rd

Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures of the amazing shop below. Thanks again to Freitas Motorsports for letting Race-Dezert.com stop by and take a tour of their shop!

Sick shop!
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    Chris Leal
  • March 11, 2011
  • B
    Brian Sallee
  • March 14, 2011
Very Nice Shop! Looks 1st class all the way. Dan from Hostyle told me to check it out. Very nice.. See ya at the Mint
BALLIN! Very nice!
I love your shop, it says alot about the kind of operation you run and who runs it. I try and have the boys keep everything hospital clean and organized at our place, so I can appreciate your hard work. I see you guys are going to bee down for the Baja 500, hopefully we can hook up and meet. Our policy at the races is anything you need, we are there to help our fellow competitor. Look foward to meeting you guys. Dale Lenk