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Geiser Brothers Shop Tour

For almost twenty years, the Geiser Brothers have been building the highest quality off-road race vehicles on the market.  From their humble beginnings, the Geiser Brothers have built upon their successes and built a name synonymous with champions.  From short course racing to open desert off-road racing, the Geiser Brothers have built seventy two off-road race vehicles, including fifty trophy trucks, more than any other manufacturer by a landslide. Located in Phoenix, AZ, the Geiser Brothers fabrication shop is where the greatest unlimited off-road race vehicles are hand built.  Founder, Rick Geiser, has been one of the driving forces behind the success of this family built, iconic off-road racing shop.

A Geiser Brothers Trophy Truck could be the equivalent of a Babe Ruth home run ball, something that should be kept nicely packaged for the less fortunate to drop their jaws.  However, the Geiser Bro’s create some of the most beautifully crafted machines that take to the short course track and open desert.  The best off-road racers in the world pilot Geiser Brothers trucks, including Rob MacCachren and Bryce Menzies.  Though the final product is all that matters to their client, these machines all begin somewhere.

Geiser Bro's Shop Tour
Geiser Bro's Shop TourGeiser Bro's Shop Tour
Race-Dezert paid a visit to Geiser’s premier off-road racing shop. There’s no other shop turning out the quality and quantity of vehicles being produced at Geiser. On the day we were there, almost ten vehicles were onsite being prepped. In addition, another four to five cages were in various stages of being rebuilt or finished for delivery.  Geiser Bros. is not just building trophy trucks, they’re currently rolling out a number of 6100s, with clients all over the world snapping them up.  

Geiser Bro's Shop Tour
Geiser Bro's Shop Tour      Geiser Bro's Shop Tour      Geiser Bro's Shop Tour Geiser Bro's Shop Tour

Making investments in their future, the brothers have a dedicated CNC shop where they can design and fabricate parts as needed.  Allowing them the freedom to experiment and engineer the future of off-road racing.  The brothers, Rick and Jeff, were kind enough to give us the grand tour of the facility and a history lesson on their humble beginnings.

  • C
    Carol O'Connor
  • July 9, 2014
So proud of the Geiser family.
  • M
  • July 23, 2014
i have known rick and jeff since high school from thier very humble beginings to now .they are brothers from another mother they are still the same way now as they were then friends to everyone nice job guys
  • B
    Bob Messer
  • January 27, 2015
they know how to make a truck that lasts and wins. Cheers to the Geiser Bros for all the cutting edge trucks that they have built.