Get Ready to Rebelle!


Prepping for the Rebelle Rally this October? You’ve got plenty of time to make sure you’re ready for the driving and navigation challenges that’ll come your way!

Rebelle U, the training arm of the Rebelle Rally, is conducting spring training courses for future Rebelles. The first session, April 22-25, consists of comprehensive driving and navigation training for women and takes place in the Southern California desert. One spot is left – for more information visit the registration page (April 29-May 2 training is sold out).

As things are opening up, additional Rebelle U courses will be added including a special dunes training. All Rebelle U courses are taught by top-notch professionals with years of experience under their belt.

And if you’re not able to join us in Southern California, we recommend the following training programs and instructors:

– Arizona/Utah
Barlow Adventures, Nena Barlow

– Pacific Northwest/Canada
Overlanding BC, Christopher Walker

– East Coast
Northeast Off-road Adventures, Scott Trager

     – California/Colorado/Multiple locations
7P Overland

Don’t forget there are plenty of ways to practice your navigation and driving skills on your own! Check out your local REI for a Map & Compass course, join an orienteering club, turn off the GPS in your vehicle, create your own checkpoints, familiarize yourself with paper maps + topographical features – all great practice for getting to “know where you are and where you are going.” Log on to our blog for 2020’s Facebook Live classes for refreshers.

“I’m going to be ok, I think to myself as sweat drips from every inch of my body due to both the blazing sun and the acute fear coursing through my veins. They know what they’re doing. Right? Oh god…RIGHT?? 

‘Hold on. We’re just going to send it,’ my driver says with a maniacal smile before flipping her hat backward, taking her foot off the brake, and slamming it on the gas. And like that, we’re off down an embankment in the middle of the sand dunes in Glamis, California, a dusty stretch along the U.S. and Mexico border, in a lifted pickup truck filled with so much gear I don’t even know what’s what.” – Stacey Leasca via Travel + Leisure

Check out the rest of Stacey’s full (thrilling) account of joining the 2020 Rebelle here.


Amongst the 36 teams that competed last year, only one was composed of international competitors. Hailing from Canada, Team Cantoy Divas Liza Tough and Sue Chapin were determined to achieve their dream of competing in the the 2020 Rebelle Rally, even if that meant meeting the challenges of a global pandemic head on.

Liza and Sue tirelessly fundraised during a time many would give up, worked out logistics of shipping their beloved Toyota Tundra from Canada to Washington State, took appropriate safety measures and precautions for their trip, and arrived to the start line ready to Rebelle – huge smiles intact. And – they’re doing it again this year.

Until we catch up with the duo for their 2021 Q&A, you can check out their 2020 Team Tuesday. We’re proud to call these two Rebelles.