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Ghost of The Industry

There are many reasons why someone wants to take a brand new UTV from the manufacturer to customize it and have a specific goal in mind, whether it be performance-related or modifying it to obtain a certain desired aesthetic. Most people would change their wheels and tell you they did it because it looks cool so they can flex on people in the sand dunes. At the same time, there isn’t anything inherently wrong with that; what if you took an approach to build a UTV with real thought behind it while proving a point? That is exactly what this 2020 Can Am X3 RS RR named GOTI stands for. It was built by Jeffries Performance in Phoenix, Arizona.

The GOTI story starts with Richard Jeffries, the owner of Jeffries Performance when a person left him with a phrase that stuck with RJ, telling him that his new business wouldn’t amount to anything and become nothing but ghosts of the industry. Fast forward a couple of months, and they found their shop full of cars needing to be worked on and had a waiting list of people. Every time they would walk into the shop and see that business was good, they would say “GOTI” or ghosts of the industry. It was a negative phrase that they now use to help boost people up and inspire others to pursue their dreams.

Over a year has passed since opening Jefferies Performance, and they wanted to build a car that represents the accomplishments they have made so far. RJ and his team took an approach to this build that wanted to be the best car possibly built with the best parts sourced in the industry. 

Starting with the noticeable feature on this Can Am – the incredible light blue paint. RJ teamed up with legendary hot rod painter, Nick Santana. He was timid at first but he gave Nick creative freedom to paint it any color he would like. Nick originally wasn’t going to tell him the paint color and leave it as a surprise. Nick showed one photo to RJ, and he knew that this was the color needed to be. 

It was outfitted with a Jeffries Performance roll cage and TMW Offroad doors to help accentuate the design of the original bodywork. But the other noticeable feature on the build has to be the rear trunk built by Tanner Timblin from Rad Fab, whose only direction from RJ was to be himself in the build – giving him complete creative freedom. What he came up with should be considered artwork and be in a museum, plain and simple; it is the cherry on top of this build with an actual usable trunk, allowing full access to the back. 

To help propel this blue missile through the Glamis Dunes are a set of 15″ KMC Grenade wheels sitting on 32″ RCR Sandcraft 12-paddle Diggers.

This Can-Am is more than all show and no go so the original powerplant wasn’t going to cut it. RJ teamed up with Corona Motor Worx to develop a custom-built motor package. Then Evolution Powersports stepped in to add their Desert Storm 500 Turbo System. All this was brought together by a mil-spec engine wiring harness for the factory ECU managed by Motec. How much power does it make? No one is certain as of now, they are continuing to test and test to dial in that particular number. What we do know is that it is a lot, and can’t wait to find out.

Continuing the theme of doing things differently, RJ went all out on the interior. With the help of Motec, they were able to take the biggest screen they had and mount it vertically into the custom carbon dash to resemble a Tesla dash no unnecessary buttons or switches just clean and simple. They wanted the most technologically advanced car ever and with the touch of a button on the center radial dial to change driving modes. The driving mode can be switched from a full boost tune with firm suspension to a conservative eco mode, which turns down the boost and softens the custom shocks built by Shock Therapy. This is a feature you can typically see in luxury sports cars, so to see that same concept and technology applied to a UTV is incredible.

RJ and his team at Jefferies Performance put everything they had into this build, but it wasn’t just their shop. RJ wanted the GOTI build to incorporate other people and businesses to input of their own styles into the car allowing for a true collaborative build. This is exactly what GOTI stood for, and at this point they will never give into being ghosts of any industry proving the ultimate point.

Chassis: 2020 Can-Am X3 RS RR
Engine: Corona Motorworx BMF Engine build and Evolution Powersports DS500 Turbo Kit
Cooling: Evolution Powersports Race Intercooler
Exhaust: Evolution Powersports 3″ Magnum Exhaust
Transmission: Evolution Powersports Shift Tek Helix
Tires: 32″ RCR Sandcraft 12-paddle Diggers
Wheels: 15″ KMC Grenade
Body Work: Can-Am and Tanner Timblin Rad Fab
Suspension: CT Race Worx full suspension and Jeffries Performance Radius Rods
Shocks: FOX IQS by Shock Therapy  
Suspension Tuning: Shock Therapy  
Electronics: Motec
Wiring: Corona Motor Worx Mil Spec
Lights: Baja Designs LP4 and 4′ Buggy Whip
Seats: Custom Triple X Seats
Safety: Jeffries Performance Roll Cage
Doors: TMW Offroad
Paint: Nick Santana