Lucas Oil Round 9 at Glen Helen Race Way – “SuperCross on Steroids”

“This is SuperCross on steroids” is what a happy fan well past his 9th beer in the grandstands called it as the big trucks flew past the start-finish line. That quote pretty much summed up what happened today. It is short course racing in Southern California on the same excitement level where CORR left off 2 years ago in Chula Vista.

Lucas Oil Off Road Racing Series hosted their first race in Glen Helen,CA . A facility famous for its AMA Moto events made the perfect base for a short course race. LOORRS built a new track on the east side of their property. It’s a simple 5 turn track that at first glance appears small, but made for some awesome race action. The Pro2’s and Pro4’s managed to get around the track in 45-sseconds.

This is what a full house in the grandstands looks like
This is what a full house in the grandstands looks like

The opening ceremonies started at 7pm; right as the hot summer Southern California days turn into mildly warm and comfortable evenings. The racing was under the lights and lasted into the late evening with the last race concluding around 11pm.

The race being in the Mecca of Off-Road Racing attracted lots of spectators. Glen Helen had a sold out house and the only way to get a seat in the grandstands was to arrive early, otherwise it was standing room only and that is if you where lucky enough to even make it inside since maximum capacity was reached and fans were turned away at the gate.


Rick Huseman and Carl Renezeder both started in the last row while Kyle LeDuc and Adrian Cenni were in the front row of the Pro4 pack. Rick is clearly a front runner and so it was no surprise that he gained 5 positions after turn 2 in the first lap. Carl Renezeder was less fortunate and after a roll over in the 2nd lap had to call it a day.

Kyle took the early lead and maintained it until about 2 laps before the competition yellow, when he rolled in turn 4 but landed back on his 4 wheels like a cat would have after a small tumble. He simply continued but handed the lead over to Rick followed by Cenni.

Rick Huseman had the fastest lap times of the day
Rick Huseman had the fastest lap times of the day

On the restart after the competition yellow it was Rick, Kyle, Cenni and Curt Leduc up front.

For the remainder of the race it was a fierce battle between Rick and Kyle. Kyle got to look at first a couple of times but never quite regained the lead until Rick hooked, then bicycled briefly at the same spot Kyle gave us the free air show just a few laps earlier. That was just what Kyle needed to move into the number one spot.

During the remaining laps every single fan was on their feet in anticipation of the conclusion for the Rick vs. Kyle show. Ultimately Rick regained the lead and ran away with it for a solid win.

Top3 Finishers:

  1. Rick Huseman #36
  2. Kyle LeDuc #99
  3. Adrian Cenni #11


At the drop of the green flag Greg Adler, Bryce Menzies, Rob McCachren and Carl Renezeder were the top 4 front runners.

Right away Rob jumped into the lead in front of Greg. Robby Woods pulled off the track after lap 2. Greg’s truck had a blue smoke cloud behind him from the start and it appeared to be a problem in the making but there was no sign of him slowing down.

As the checkered flag dropped fireworks littered the sky in celebration
As the checkered flag dropped fireworks littered the sky in celebration

Lap after lap the lead didn’t change much until Carl made contact with Greg Adler in turn 3 sending Greg barrel rolling onto his roof. LOORRS gave Carl the black flag for that move, sending him to the back of the field.

After the competition yellow flag Rodrigo Ampudia suddenly appeared out of no where into 2nd position right after Rob. A few laps into racing Rob makes a small driving mistake, slowing down just a tiny bit, Rodrigo brake checks, but somewhere behind him another racer didn’t and he gets tapped from behind and sent spinning 180 degrees off the course. He regained control and rejoined the race but no longer in second place. That spin-out managed to damage Rodrigo’s drive shaft and he ended his day early with a DNF.

For the rest of the race there where no more position changes in the lead pack. The only thing changing was Rob’s lead; as it grew lap after lap until his win. He made it look so easy and in fact his truck looked exactly the same as when the race started. Not a scratch, dent or layer of dirt to be seen on the #21.

Top3 Finishers:

  1. Rob McChachren #21
  2. Bryce Menzies #7
  3. Ricky Johnson #48

Follow the stories tomorrow with the conclusion of this weekends sunday racing.