Going from strength to strength with CBMM

Going from strength to strength with CBMM

Extreme E is continuing its partnership with CBMM for Season 2, who maintain their role as provider of niobium technology in the construction of the Championship’s cutting-edge ODYSSEY 21 e-SUVs.

Here’s a little more about the series’ Official Niobium Technology Supplier and Official Chassis Technology Supplier ahead of the double-header in Sardinia.

Essential to the automotive sector, niobium contributes to lighter and more sustainable cars with better energy efficiency. Its technologies are already widely applied in different areas, including safety, emissions reductions and electronics that will lead to a sustainable sector transformation.

Increased lightness breeds energy savings and improved performance, and the added strength and durability afforded by niobium technology have assisted the Extreme E chassis in dealing with each of the competition’s formidable environments and top-level competition.

As well as playing a key role in the Championship vehicles, niobium is also used on board Extreme E’s floating paddock – the RMS St. Helena – which is used to transport the cars, and the Championship’s operations and logistics around the world.

Ali Russell, Chief Marketing Officer at Extreme E, said: “We’re delighted to continue our collaboration into Season 2 with CBMM. As a world leader and global advocate in the application of niobium across a range of products, CBMM are a crucial part of Extreme E’s advancement of sustainable technology.

“Extreme E’s unique set of challenges have proved invaluable as a platform for the development of the niobium technology, with improvements made throughout the first season and into this year. With back-to-back races in Sardinia in July, this innovative material could be heading for its greatest test yet!”

Giuliano Fernandes, Head of Marketing and Communications at CBMM, added: “Extreme E continues to mark an innovative opportunity to test, under extreme conditions, the advantages and improved safety provided by the Niobium applications present in the structure of the ODYSSEY 21 e-SUV developed in partnership with Spark Technology in France.

“Last year, the impact and visibility of the event helped to show the world the importance of high strength materials we develop, to protect and save lives during accidents and crashes.”

The niobium technology will be put to the test at the upcoming double-header in Sardinia, Italy, ensuring the safety of Extreme E’s twenty world-class drivers as they compete in a week of double the racing and double the excitement.

Fernandes added: “In Extreme E, niobium is a key material used for the fabrication of the ODYSSEY 21’s chassis and roll cage. The use of niobium steel results in increased strength and resilience of the steel alloy, making the material stronger and tougher simultaneously, a unique benefit that is key to help increase the safety of the cars.

“The automotive industry has always been concerned about using the most advanced material and technologies to ensure safety and quality to its products. It is, as of today, one of the greatest consumers of advanced materials. Seeing this potential and knowing that motorsports are a big research and development campus to new and innovative technologies, we saw the possibility to start something new and different, as an opportunity to bring electrification, electric mobility, and revolutionary niobium technology and its applications to the market and to the spotlight”.

You can find out more about how niobium technology is crucial to Extreme E here: https://www.extreme-e.com/en/news/304_What-on-Earth-is-Niobium

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