Graham Jarvis is the KING of the MOTOS –

Graham Jarvis is the KING of the MOTOS

Graham Jarvis (ENG) comes to America and smokes 19 North Americans in their own backyard, crosses the finish line with a rear flat (melted mouse) and wins $10,000

Jarvis 1st

Redmond 2nd

Destry Abbott 3rd

Mike Slawson 4th

Cody Webb 5th

Jimmy Jarrett 6th

It all started with a vision by one of off-road’s most accomplished moto man, Jimmy Lewis. He always wanted to create a US survival enduro and it was on this day that he decided where he would build his tortuous course. After all, Lewis had entered and completed some most of the worlds most renowned events: DAKAR, Gilles Lalay, Last Man Standing.


It was on this day in Southern California’s Johnson Valley, Lewis was riding around and stumbled upon a massive encampment and decided this is where he would one day build his masterpiece enduro. He had just found Dave Coles Hammertown and the vision of America’s toughest motorcycle race was born: King of the Motos becomes a reality today at 11:00 AM.

Listen to Lewis explain what may be his crowning achievement

Invite only, no entry fees, no rules and $10,000, winner take all. Today, history is made with what may someday be the world’s most famous and difficult motorcycle enduro.

Caselli gets the hioleshot in his own back yard


#66 makes it look EZ
Graham Jarvis (ENG) spent his first day in the US dezert and smoked 18 pros up the the goat start .
Chris Rideway #181- A HERO

One of the important aspects of this race was the “thinking” part, as described by creator Jimmy Lewis. The riders were provided with a specially programmed Trail Tech Voyager GPS dash board to help them stay on the course during this painfully technical course. Trail Tech’s Voyager has a wide array of applications for all riders, from the most basic to the highly sophisticated.

This is the Trail Tech Voyager onboard computer GPS. Each one was pre-programmed and given to the riders to help them stay on track for the 80 mile "Hell -Loop"
Another look at the Voyager's "Dash Board". This unit takes the prize for versatility.

More on trail Tech’s Voyager


  1. Final List of Entrants:

    Bradley Pace #3
    Chris Midkiff #18
    Chris Ridgeway #181
    Cody Webb #247
    Cory Graffunder #115
    Destry Abbot #8
    Graham Jarvis #88
    Jason Smith #20
    Joe Kessler #46
    Jordan Brandt #2
    Kurt Caselli #66
    Kyle Redmond #17
    Max Gerston #15
    Mike Slawson #307
    Nick Burson #9
    Tim Roble #222
    David Pearson #22
    Max Eddy Jr #N6
    Gary Sutherland #21
    FrankSkatini #23
    Jimmy Jarrett #24

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