Great start of the RECORD series, Alamo 200

Once again RECORD off-road series started their 2015 season with the Alamo 200, a favorite race for the locals in Ensenada. The racecourse was located at the popular spot known as “79” or “Km 79” doing a 45 mile loop around Heroes de la Independencia town.

It all started with the traditional contingency the day before. Usually at any RECORD race the contingency starts officially around 5pm but the real party starts hours later when most of the drivers bring their race trucks and buggies to tech.

The racetrack, sometimes marked with bones, was rougher and rougher after every lap, having whoops sections 2′ to 4′ deep which for the 5/1600 and 11 classes was a nightmare, for the open and 7’s classes a little more enjoyable.

Elias Hanna was driving his new Trophy-Spec (built by the shop Pad-Mur in Ensenada) in it’s second race with a great start. He easily dominated the first laps and had more than a 10 minute lead between himself and the driver behind him but problems with the steering wheel cost him 45 minutes, which left him with a second place finish in the open class behind winner Ryan Rodenberger.  The overall winner on time was Ernesto “Tito” Arámbula in his Class 1/2 1600, proving that he’s one of the best drivers in Baja.

You can see the list of winners below. Congratulations to all. See you at the next race in June, Ensenada-San Felipe 250!

Trucks Open Class
Ryan Rodenberger      3:37:53

Class 1/2-1600
Ernesto Arámbula      3:30:01

Class 5-1600
Salvador Carrillo 4:01:05

Class 7
Perry McNeil       3:43:09

Class 7sx
Miguel Sandoval 3:36:12

Class 8
Francisco Valdez 4:18:02

Class 9
Víctor Guerrero   6:00:35

Class 10
Marcos Romo      4:12:35

Clase 12
Miguel Tornel      3:34:43

Class 11
David Garzón      4:59:31

Class 14
Fausto Moreno    4:27:01

Class 15
Érick Ocegueda   4:25:37

Class 18
Rafael Melgoza   5:34:45

Ricardo Rodríguez     3:29:50

Pro Bikes
Ricardo Muñoz Junior       3:23:57

Bike Sportsman
Marco Maclish    3:27:36

Mauri Herrera     3:51:15

ATV Sportsman
Marcos Cousiño  3:30:47


  • M
    Miguel tornel
  • March 26, 2015
How come you didnt list class 12 winner?
    • E
      Ernesto Araiza
    • March 30, 2015
    Fixed, sorry about that and congratulations on the victory!