Grime Pays For Brenthel Industries At Code Night Race

Brenthel Galles 2016 CODE Night Race PR

Grime Pays For Brenthel Industries At Code Night Race

Mexicali, Baja California Mexico

It’s often said there is no substitute for race conditions. You can spend hours out testing but still not duplicate the stresses on a vehicle that take place during competition. Some teams will prep their car for a big race and then “save it” for race day. At Brenthel Industries, they prefer to run them hard, every chance they get.

In order to test his Brenthel Industries / Baja Kits Class One car for night driving at the Baja 500 in June, Jamie Galles decided to race the CODE series, VW Auto Partes night race in Mexicali BC. It was a good thing too; during prerunning on Friday, they noticed a fluid leak from the transmission. They loaded the car up and sought help at Fortin Transmission in El Cajon, Ca. The Fortin crew quickly diagnosed the problem and tore into the Transmission. The culprit was a bad O-ring seal; a tiny part that does a big job. Gil, Andy, and Doug Fortin himself all worked late into the night to replace the part and get the Brenthel car back to the race the following evening. Thanks to their hard work, the car was back at 100%, had a flawless race, and finished second overall.

“We worked so hard to get there, it was a relief to be in the car racing,” said Jamie Galles, “The first lap we took it easy. We stopped in the pits and did a full systems check. We ran the other three laps with no issues with car and no flats to our Falken tires. We wanted to make sure our Rigid Industries LED lights were all aimed correctly and that the dash lights were at the right brightness. It was a lot of fun running with a great group of competitors in the CODE series and the promoters were very happy to have us at their race. The event was a lot of fun and we are ready for any night driving we will do at the Baja 500.”

At Brenthel industries, everything they build is created using state of the art CAD programs and then proven on the race course; Brenthel Industries leads the way by design. They build trucks, buggies and prerunners that offer a perfect fit for the customer’s needs. Any job you have, big or small can benefit from Brenthel’s meticulous engineering and careful craftsmanship. Go to or to find out more about the many services, highly developed suspension systems and race-proven products available from Brenthel Industries.

Photography By: SOY Offroad
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