HDRA and Amber Racing Services form a unique relationship

Amber Racing Services - Official Fuel of HDRA - VP Racing Fuel, F&L Race Fuel

The newly reborn High Desert Racing Association (HDRA) and Amber Racing Services (ARS), who supply a whole range of petroleum products including F&L and VP racing fuels, have entered into a mutual agreement to supply fuel to HDRA racers and to help grow the desert racing series. Instead of just cutting a check in exchange for the title of official fuel of the series, Amber services is working in collaboration with HDRA on a whole host of projects aimed at rewarding the racers. “We are looking forward to building this relationship with Amber Services,” said Roger Norman of HDRA. “We are going to take this to the next level. We have a whole list of ideas we are working on including jackpots and other racer incentives as a result of the three year commitment from Amber Services.”

What started out as an informal meeting over a cup of coffee between Roger and Brian Busby of ARS turned into this exciting new program. “We sat down with Roger to discuss his fuel needs and to see if we could bring our years of experience supplying fuel to several of the top professional racing organizations in the country and our dedicated customer service to HDRA racers,” said Brian Busby. “When we heard some of Rogers’s ideas on how we could give back to the racers, we were instantly on board. Roger did not want a single fuel choice for his series. Amber carries two brands you know you can trust, F&L and VP so racers have the freedom to decide what works best for them. Racers have so many things to be concerned with on a race weekend the last thing they need to worry about is their fuel. At a recent race, we got a call at 2:00 a.m. from a team whose tow vehicle had broken down on the way to the race. We went down, opened up the truck and made sure they were ready to go the next day. We take a lot of pride in delivering that level of service and to make it quick and easy to get your fuel. ”

F&L was at every HDRA race in the early years of HDRA and VP was there at many also. The HDRA was a premiere racing organization in the 1970’s, 80’s and into the 90’s until the death of its founder Walt Lott, an early icon in the sport. “I’ll tell you, the first couple of HDRA races were held in some odd places but they were some of the biggest races ever. We would shut down Fremont Street in Vegas for the Mint 400,” says Bruce Conrad, the original owner of F&L Race Fuels who now works at ARS. The new HDRA promises to revive the proud heritage of the name and to expand on it through unheard of racer incentives and special rewards like the program they and Amber Services have created.

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Amber Racing Services mission is to provide the highest level of customer service while supplying quality high performance fuels & lubricants to the motorsports community.

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