HDRA – Imperial 250

This being my first HDRA race since I missed Redline@State Line. I have to say Roger Norman and HDRA put on one hell of a race! The weekend began with a controlled Reconnoissance Run(45MPH Limit) Friday morning. This gave the racers a chance to look at the course and mark their GPS before the race. The race course had it all, fast sections, big holes, silt, sand washes and of course they had to run about 8 miles of the roughest road ever(Gypsum Rd).

After the Reconnaissance Run everyone headed over to Tech/Contingency and I would have to say this was by far the most exciting Tech I have been to. The usual vendor’s and vehicle line was there to look at but this tech had a FMX show going on, a Beer Garden and Music for all the fans.

Race morning began dark and early with the first race starting before sunrise at a chilly 6:15am. The first race was 4 – 42 mile laps for all classes and that actually meant 4 laps for all classes. Not 4 laps for the 5/16s and 1540, 3 laps for 900s and 2 laps for stock bugs. It was nice to see the smaller classes get some real race miles in! As the first race progressed you could hear over the radio that the course was taking out vehicles with a couple roll overs, broken parts or mechanical problems.  The racers who’s cars held up were charging and it was (Unofficial Results) Carlos Fonseca in 1400 Open Sportsman Truck who got 1st in class and 1st overall for the morning race. In class 5/16 it was a close race with only a 6 minute difference between 1st and 2nd but Jorge Gutierrez made the Checkered Flag for 1st place. Wide Open, a major sponsor for HDRA had a few cars running and Cameron Thieriot brought home a 1st place in the Wide Open class.

The 2nd race began at 1pm and all Classes were racing 5 – 42mile laps. The race course once a gain was winning with a few racers falling out early but it was Jimmy Nuckles in his Trophy Truck who checked out asap and never looked back.  Nuckles lead the whole race with a huge lead then just after Gypsum Rd. about 20miles from the finish he lost all power steering and had to fight with his own truck to get it to the finish line. He did so and still crushed the competition (27min lead on 2nd place OA and 1hr 20mins lead on 2nd place in his class, Open Trucks) taking 1st in Open Truck class and 1st Overall for the race weekend! Cameron Thieriot, once done racing the morning race in a Wide Open car he hopped into his class 1 race car for the 2nd race and finished 1st in Class 1 and 2nd overall giving him two 1st places in one day. Michael Deardorff got 1st in class 10 and Mike Malloy got 1st in Class 12 and 4th overall. Only Nuckles in a Open Truck and 2 Class 1’s beat him.

Stay tuned May 10th on Fox Sports for the airing if the 1st HDRA race RedLine@State Line. The best part about this National Broadcast is that if you raced you are guaranteed to a few seconds of fame! They put every racer from every class in the show!

HDRA’s next race is the FireWorks 500, July 4th-8th in Reno, NV. This is the race you want to be at! I sat down with Roger Norman and he told me a few things happening at the FireWorks 500. Here are some bullet points.

-7 days of Unlimited Pre-running. 24hours a day.

-Gun range on course. Available to pull over pre-running and take a 15min safety

course with a Special Forces Instructor and shot a 50cal. gun. Targets are rigged with

explosive’s so if you hit your target, KAAA-BOOOM!!!!!

-If you buy a case of Monster Energy at your local store you get 4 FREE tickets to race.

-Live Bands (Well known Bands)

-Monster Energy Party FREE to go and FREE drinks.

-$25,000 is Prize Money for the racers.

-National TV program of the race.

-Pit Contest

-FMX and BMX Show

-and that’s just the tip of the iceberg!


When you see Roger Norman tell him thank you for setting is Trophy Truck and Race Program to the side for One Year so he could concentrate on the HDRA series.

HDRA – For Racers By Racers!

  • S
  • April 8, 2012
Great write-up and photos as always MW!

RDC - please let me proofread your online stories (no offense Mike)!!
  • J
  • April 9, 2012
The entire weekend was off the hook fun. The amount of people at contingency was really cool. As a vendor the amount foot traffic from the Mall and the Imperial County community shows the effort HDRA put into their advertising campaign. We actually made money, thank you.
  • G
    Greg Martinez
  • April 11, 2012
Definitely an excellent day. I've never been to a race until that weekend; I must say that it extremely fun. Even though my team didn't finish, we still had an excellent time. Thank you so much, Roger Norman. It's so nice to see some hardcore offroading done down here so close to the border.