Heald Cleans Up the Weddle Swinger’s Ball

Heald Cleans Up the Weddle Swinger’s Ball

Weddle-equipped teams sweep podiums at MORE Slash X Duel in the Desert

Barstow, CA — The first event of the 2021 Weddle Shootout Series was one for the books. Held in conjunction with the MORE Slash X Duel in the Desert, The Weddle Swinger’s Ball was a special event for Class 9 racers.

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This year’s Swinger’s Ball was a whopping battle royale of 23 entries. After the dust settled, 15 vehicles made it to the finish. Thanks to MORE’s Cody Jeffers and our generous event co-sponsors, prizes were awarded to the top 10 finishers. DNFs also qualified for a consolation prize draw.

911 Brandon Heald wins big at the Weddle Swinger’s Ball. Heald not only took home the big check for finishing first in Class 9, he also earned the Weddle Top Qualifier and Weddle Fast Lap bonuses bringing his Weddle Swinger’s Ball haul to over $10,000. Not bad a day’s work.

Slash X Duel in the Desert: Weddle-equipped earn 5 class wins and 3 podium sweeps. Eric Hardin took the overall win in the Albins ST6-equipped 79 Trophy Truck. In addition to a Class 9 podium sweep, Weddle-equipped teams filled the top 5 in Class 1/2-1600 with 1622 Tim Craig finishing on top. In Class 5/1600, Weddle-equipped vehicles took 4 of the top 5 spots with 554 Raul Solano winning the class. 1157 Blake Wilkey finished first in Class 11.

Huge thanks to MORE Racing’s Cody and Danielle Jeffers for all their hard work and making the Weddle Swinger’s Ball happen. A huge thanks goes out to PCI Race Radios, GG Lighting, Mckenzie’s Performance, Pro Eagle, Fluid Flow Performance, SeeDevil Lighting, 239 Films and Sign Pro for additional prizes and support. The next Weddle Shootout Series event will  be the Weddle TJ Craig Memorial Sweet 16 Shootout on April 24 in conjunction with the MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge in Barstow. See you there!

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Top Finishers at the 2021 MORE Slash X Duel in the Desert
February 20, 2021 Barstow, CA

Class 1
1.  79 Eric Hardin — Albins ST6

Weddle Swinger’s Ball (Class 9)
1. 911 Brandon Heald — Weddle-equipped
2. 982 Wesley Welch — Weddle-equipped
3. 908 Eric Ruble — Weddle S5

Weddle Top Qualifier: 911 Brandon Heald
Weddle Fast Lap: 911 Brandon Heald
Weddle Mr. Consistent: 931 Lorenzo Duarte

Class 1/2-1600
1. 1622 Tim Craig — Weddle-equipped
2. 1623 Bryce Ferrar — Weddle-equipped
3.1694  Matt Depue — Weddle-equipped
4.1679 Cole Hardin — Weddle-equipped
5. 1624 Tyler Petersen — Weddle-equipped

Class 5/1600
1. 554 Raul Solano — Weddle-equipped
2. 569 Guy Savedra — Weddle-equipped
3. 558 Luis Herrera — Weddle-equipped
4. 577 Ernie Negrete — Weddle-equipped

Class 11
1. 1157 Blake Wilkey — Weddle-equipped