High Desert Racing Association Races Into 2013

HDRA Brandon Arthur

Las Vegas, NV

As the 2012 HDRA series is still fresh in the minds of racers and fans, preparation is already underwayfor the 2013 season, which begins at the South Point Vegas 250 January 11-13. HDRA redefined offroad racing in 2012 offering racers and fans unique venues, exciting events and nonstop action. The level of competition was second to none.

We witnessed the emergence of Brandon Arthur at the Redline at Stateline race where he won his class in his first race. He won three more times on his way to the 1400 championship. Brandon accrued more points than any other HDRA racer in 2012.

Brandon Arthur Wins Dusk Til' Dawn

HDRA listened to racers and fans in El Centro, California who were pleading for a return to organized racing at Plaster City. The diverse course layout took in every type of terrain available from deep sand and silt to rough and rocky hardpack. The entire town welcomed HDRA with open arms. A great time was had by all and the event gave a huge boost to the local economy.

HDRA Imperial 250 Tech

Todd Stemmerman Wins HDRA Class 12 Championship

The Fireworks 500 was simply incredible on every level. HDRA introduced a revolutionary “Car show” format at contingency. It drew huge crowds of spectators and local media who were able to take their time inspecting the vehicles, talking to the teams and taking in the Monster Energy stunt shows all day.

HDRA Fireworks 500, Reno Tech

Monster Energy FreesyleMX

Racers were challenged beyond expectations by the Fireworks 500 course. It is now considered to be one of the toughest races on the planet. The Fireworks 500 was the first of three wins in a row for Mike Mitchell on his way to the class one championship.

Mike Mitchell Wins 3 HDRA races in a row

HDRA then lit up the night sky in Primm, Nevada at the Dusk til Dawn race and finished the season with a shortcourse shootout in Laughlin, Nevada at Rockin on the River. They jumped across Needles Highway and it was the longest Laughlin course in the last 20 years.

HDRA Josh Quintero Wins Class 7 Championship

If you missed any of the action, DVD’s of select races are available by calling the Las Vegas office at: (702) 407-3059. 2013 promises to deliver the same extraordinary HDRA events by racers, for racers. An awards ceremony will take place at the Southpoint on Jan. 10th. Go to HDRArace.com for the latest information. Congratulations go out to the

Open Truck- Ruben Ledezma Ramona, CA
Class 1 – Mike Mitchell Hyde Park, UT *Three wins in a row
1/2-1600 – Rob Archibald El Cajon, CA
Class 10 – David Norris Phelan, CA
Class 12 – Todd Stemmerman San Diego, CA *Back-to-Back wins
Class 1400 – Brandon Arthur Ramona, CA *Back-to-Back wins
Class 1900 – UTV Bill Morris Bakersfield, CA *Three wins in a row
Class 2000 – Brian Groves Orange, CA *Back-to-Back wins
Class 3000 – Michael Meachum Yuma, AZ
Class 4400 – Gregg McNair Las Vegas, NV
Class 5–1600 – Jim Crawford Simi Valley, CA
Class 7 – Josh Quintero El Centro, CA *Three wins in a row
Class 7s – Kyle Milligan La Mesa, CA
Class 8 – Rick Harrah Las Vegas, NV
Heavy Metal – Monte Tibbitts Pine Ridge, SD *Back-to-Back wins
Stock Truck – Robert Roglin Lake Havasu, AZ

*In the Wide Open 2012 Challenge, Jay Primm of Reno, NV will be honored as the high point driver of
the year.

Make plans to join us in Las Vegas on Jan. 11-13. Driver registration is open for the South Point Vegas
250. Drivers who get their entries in early can take advantage of 2012 entry fees. Entries for the 250-
mile event have a choice of two different payment options.

Entries submitted and paid in full by 5 pm on Monday, December 31, 2012 will pay our current 2012
entry fees. Racers selecting this option will have their starting position in class determined by blind draw
from this group of entries.

Entries submitted after the December 31 deadline and paid in full by 5 pm on Friday, January 4, 2013
will pay 2013 entry fees. Racers selecting this option will have their starting position in class determined
by blind draw from this second group of entries.

The Option 2 group will start behind those that entered in Option 1.

All entries and payments received after the Friday, January 5, 2013 deadline will be charged a $50 late
fee. Starting position in class for this group will be determined by blind draw and the group will start
behind the Option 2 group. For the latest updates, race results, membership in HDRA and much more
visit us at hdrarace.com

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About HDRA
High Desert Racing Association (HDRA) is a professional off-road racing organization based in Las Vegas, NV. HDRA currently sanctions off-road racing events in both Nevada and California. Their 2012 schedule includes five races ranging from 10-12 mile multi-lap DesertCross courses all the way to a 500-mile long distance cross-country desert race. Visit www.hdrarace.com for more information.

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