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HighRev Photos Ultimate Polaris RZR

When my family and I first bought our 2017 Polaris RZR4 from Travis at Coyne Powersports back in December of 2017, I knew right away that eventually we’d want to deck it out with a full build. The goal of the build would be to have a comfortable UTV that our family of five could cruise around in, but also when the time came for it, it could be turned into a high performance scouting machine at the races.

The number one thing for me was safety. We put a Safecraft fire suppression kit to protect in case of fire. Sensors near the engine bay when reaching a certain level of heat will automatically engage the fire suppression system. An additional fire extinguisher is on board as well. With three kids in the back we wanted to make sure they had an extra layer of protection.

We also mounted a 1 Life Trama first aid kit so that we were ready in case any occupants get injured or ever come across someone in need. The 1 Life Trama Kit comes with things you don’t see in your basic first aid kit such as tourniquets, splits, and an easy mounting bracket.

Even though helmets aren’t mandatory here in Utah all five of us are outfitted with helmets. The wife and I have PCI wired HJC CS-R3 Playcar helmets and all three kids have moto helmets wired with PCI Helmet Wiring Kits. When they talk too much back there its nice to just turn the intercom off for a while… Too bad you can’t do that in real life.

Since the RZR is built for family cruising and photo spot scouting we put a set of PRP GT S.E. seats in including a bench seat in the back for all three kids to fit. I also have a Cognito Cargo Carrier Kit that clips into the rear to put in for when we will take it out to races. It holds 10 gallons of additional fuel on top of the 5 extra gallons from the IMS Products auxiliary tank under rear seat, giving the UTV a total fuel capacity of just over 25 gallons or about 250 miles of range.

Having all of those things for extra range along with having the LeadNav app on the Ipad will let me prerun racecourses for photo spots which was a big goal of the build.

Stock parts are a known weakness for all brands of UTVs so we added fully adjustable Fox Factory Race Series Podium Internal Bypass RC2 shocks paired with the strength of the Coginto stock replacement front and rear suspension kits. To protect all the suspension components we coated everything with Steel-It to make sure it lasts.

A fully custom carbon fiber dash and center console made by Glazzkraft houses a MobArmor Ipad mount (loaded with LeadNav), PCI Race Radios communication system, Switch Pros SP9100 Switch Panel Power System, and an AIM Sports MXS 1.2 Strada Dash Display.

Lighting up the night sky won’t be an issue with plenty of KC Hilites to turn night into day. Up on the roof rack is six Gravity LED Pro6 lights, the front bumper has a 10” KC Flex Light Bar and the A-Pillars each have two more KC Flex LED lights per side. Three KC Cyclone LED lights help light up the cab and bed box and their rear chase bar has brake lights and turn signals tied in, a back up light, and two amber lights to help be seen in the dust. All that along with two Buggy Whip 6’ flags insure no one will ever have a problem seeing the UTV at night. In total there is 41675 Lumens of light keeping the Yellow Top Optima honest.

Since moving to Utah making it street legal has been a priority. W.D. Electronics make a slick street legal kit that includes a plug in play wire harness that turns your break lights into turn signals, and a front turn signal light that reminds you of Kit from Night Rider. The included horn and lighted license plate holder make it so you can go straight from the dunes in Sand Hollow to the grocery store.

And when you air down in the dirt and move to the pavement the on board air compressor designed by SXS Air Compressors gets you back up and running in no time. They offer kits for most UTV’s that bolt right in, in this case with the RZR, it bolts right underneath the front hood.

The main cage structure of the UTV was designed and built by TSCO Racing, which includes the cab cage, rear bumper, rear bed box that opens and closes with the spare tire carrier, and a trick roof rack that hold the AGM Products Electric Jack, 1LifeTrama Kit, Pro6 lights, and has plenty of room to tie down a cooler, tool bags or anything else you might need to carry.

For final assembly and prep we brought it to Justin “Bean” Smith and Butch’s Speed Shop out of Las Vegas. They were entrusted to bring all the working pieces together and they crushed it. They installed the Cognito suspension kit, the SDR Motorsports Hi-Bred Bolt-In doors, mounted an ARB Awning to the roof rack, a custom windshield using a fiberglass mold, mounted the 32×9.5×15 Toyo Tire Open Country SxS tires on KMC 15×7 Grenade Bead locks, and made sure everything was all ready to hit the dirt.

Once Butch’s Speed Shop finished everything up it went straight to Patrick Signs to get wrapped by a design created by Evan Walsh at Black Hat Designs, and then right to BW Production Studios where we shot it in the studio to freeze it in time while she was still clean and pretty.

I really have to thank everyone involved in this build; we couldn’t have done it without them. Below is a full list of everything on the build so if there is anything you like or have questions about hit them up and get more information.

Now its time to get her dirty!


Assembly: Butch’s Speed Shop
Cage: TSCO Racing
Rear Bumper: TSCO Racing
Spare Tire Carrier: TSCO Racing
Roof Rack: TSCO Racing
Aluminum Bed Box: TSCO Racing
Dealer: Coyne Powersports
Suspension: Cognito Motorsports Stock Replacement Kit
Radius Rods: Cognito Motorsports
Tie Rods: Cognito Motorsports
Coating: Steel-It
Shocks: Fox Shocks Factory Race Series Podium Internal Bypass RC2
Lighting: KC Hilites; Gravity Pro6 LED Lights, KC Flex LED Lights, Rear Chase LED Bar, Cyclone LED Lights
Wheels: KMC Wheels 15×7 Grenade Bead Locks
Tires: Toyo Tires 32×9.5×15 Open Country SxS Tire
Air Compressor: SXS Air Compressors
Seats: PRP Seats GT S.E. Seats
Harnesses: PRP Seats
Dash Display: AiM Sports MXS 1.2 Strada Dash Display
Street Legal Kit: W.D. Electronics
Doors: SDR Motorsports Hi-Bred Doors
Electric Jack: AGM-Products
First Aid Kit: 1LifeTrama Kit
Dash: Glazzkraft
Ipad Mount: MobArmor
Communications: PCI Race Radios 4 Link Pro Bluetooth Intercom, Icom F5021 Race Radio
Helmets: HJC CS-R3 Playcar Helmets Wired by PCI Race Radios
Switch Panel: Switch-Pros SP9100 Switch Panel Power System
Whips: Buggy Whip 6′ Blue Flags
Steering Wheel: Assault Industries Ballistic “D” Steering Wheel
Steering Wheel Adapter: UTV Inc.
Fire Suppression: Safecraft
Mirrors: Scosche
Exhaust: Gibson Exhaust
Graphics: Black Hat Design
Shifter: Geiser Performance
Windshield: Butch’s Speed Shop
Wrap: Patrick’s Signs
Wiring: Bobby O
Carrier Bearing: Sandcraft RCR
Awning: ARB 4×4 Accessories 78″ Universal Awning
Auxiliary Gas Tank: IMS Products

Photos by HighRev Photography
Studio: BW Production Studios

  • R
  • December 11, 2019
Holy crap, I was expecting to read about the pros and cons of a utv build, learn something. Instead It was like reading a reallllllyyyyyy long pit board from a SX podium, 45 sponsored items on one UTV, probably 30+% of the article?.

Sponsor/spam alert!!!
    • D
      Duane H
    • December 18, 2019
    Looks like a great function-able build. Many miles of trouble free miles and great times for you and your family!