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Holladay’s Back to Back Trophylite Wins Were No Stunt

Parker, AZ – The Best In The Desert, BlueWater Desert Challenge is an intense two day event that forces
drivers to push hard on a challenging course that varies from deep sand to rocky hard pack. As the laps
click off, the course gets even rougher. Trophylite hosted a great BBQ and party Saturday night with a
margarita bar from Azunia Tequila but aside from that, it was all business for the Trophylite teams. Decked
out in special pink KC Hilites stickers to acknowledge breast cancer awareness month the entire field was
in for some incredible action.

It takes a savvy driver to take a victory in the series, to win back to back in a Trophylite field loaded with
savvy drivers is remarkable. You might not have heard of Logan Holladay but you might have seen him.
He is a motorcycle stunt double in popular movies and several TV shows. His racing credentials are
extensive. His father raced off-road in the 1970’s and passed the need for speed to Logan who started
riding at age 2 and racing at age 5. Among many accomplishments he won the Baja 1000 in 2011 as a
rider for the Honda factory team. His first Trophylite race was at Vegas to Reno but after passing a bunch
of trucks in the first 100 miles the transmission failed taking him out. He was anxious to give it another shot
and his results speak for themselves.

Logan and his girlfriend Tyler Eubanks, who navigated flawlessly in her very first time racing, did not have
an easy run on Saturday. They ripped a brake line off and lost the brakes. “Logan loves to go fast and live
on the edge,” says Tyler, “I was calling out the corners coming up so he could downshift to slow the truck.
There were quite a few times I had to say too hot, too hot! but Logan pulled it off flawlessly to take the win.
We had some close calls but it takes a lot to scare me.”

They were under a lot more pressure to repeat on Sunday but they stayed focused and finished with
another win. “Tyler was an amazing navigator,” says Logan, “She was a big help taking the win on
Saturday. We made it through the race without brakes but the worst part was trying to get stopped at the
finish line. I knew if we could win with no brakes on Saturday we had a great chance of winning again on
Sunday. Ben Abatti pushed us all weekend but we did it. Trophylite has an affordable program; you can
actually win some good prize money. The Trophylite rental program is a great way to go racing. We will be
at the Henderson race to try to do it again.”

Ben Abatti III was a close second, he was on Logan’s tail but did not have the speed to get past him. “We
have been chasing some gremlins but have figured it out,” says Ben, “We had a bad relay that was failing
intermittently. There is a new ECU available for the motor that gives more horsepower. We didn’t want to
add it to the truck without knowing if the problems we had were really fixed. We will have the new ECU in
Henderson! ” Ben and his crew’s hard work netted them second place overall.

Ben was third in the points chase coming into the weekend behind PJ Guglielmo in second and Perry
Coan in first. Coan suffered a broken axle and a DNF. Guglielmo had a spectacular crash on Saturday but
was able to finish both days. The points will be really close going into the final race in Henderson. “We hit
the ground three times going end over end and came to rest on my side. After I got a face full of sand I
closed my eyes and just held on for the ride. I just put new Mastercraft Safety belts in and I’m glad I did.
We got the truck patched up enough to finish both days but we need to do some real repairs before
Henderson; we’ll be ready.”

Andrew Mcleod and Jason Pellanda drove a smart race to take third overall. “This was our first time
racing at the BlueWater Desert Challenge; I loved it,” Said Andrew, “My co-rider Jacob Andrew never got
a break on the technical course but our race was uneventful compared to some of the others; we had a
lot of fun. We had no flats with our General Tire Grabbers, we are real happy with our results. I think we
will be at the Henderson race and plan to run the full Trophylite season in 2014. We are really looking
forward to that.”

Jeff Mortis, who normally co-drives with Chris Wacker had the sole driving duties this weekend as Chris
was unable to make it to the race. “Looking at the results I think I will change my driving style a little,”
says Jeff, “I missed fourth place by only 28 seconds! I’ll be more aggressive at Henderson. I drove my
first race in a Trophylite there, I love that race. I will be doing my best to get on the podium.”

Mike McCarthy, his family and friends worked very hard for their finish on Sunday. “We got about fifty
yards on Saturday when the torque convertor came apart,” said Mike, “We loaded up, drove back to my
shop in Wickenburg and swapped it out with the one in our other truck. We started last on Sunday but
worked our way up to third I think, we will have to see the results when they come out.”

Jeff Proctor started in 12th position out of 12 trucks on Saturday. His strategy was to push hard off the
start and make up some positions early. “Our strategy did not work like we planned,” said Jeff, “We were
pushing hard in the dust and missed a sharp 90 degree turn around mile 6. We rolled it several times,
landing on the roof. Luckily Weatherman was there in his Jeep to roll us back over. We regrouped and
made it to the finish in 9th place I think. The truck started to cut out with only 12 miles to go. When we
rolled, some gas poured out the vent tube that we didn’t factor in when we calculated our range. We had
just enough to make it to the finish.”

Dave Carlson suffered the same fate as PJ Guglielmo did. He landed in a big hole and went end over end
and then barrel rolled. “It was way rougher on Sunday after the big trucks went through,” said Dave, “It
was my first time wrecking and we really learned the value of good Mastercraft seats and Impact seat
belts. The only damage was a bent track bar that bound up the rear suspension. We had a spare in the
pits but with we aren’t in the points chase so we decided to call it a day. For my first Trophylite series
race, we had a blast!”

The big news from the Azunia Tequila Trophylite R8 team was the addition of Andy Grider to the team.
Grider is an accomplished two-wheeled and four-wheeled racer with Baja and Dakar experience. He had
a rough debut when he went for a ride on Sunday. “I had a bad day yesterday with a rollover in the first
five miles,” said Andy, “We got the truck back on it wheels and to the hot pit to check everything over
before going back out for the last two laps of the day. Thanks to the team for their hard work and
dedication. It takes a good group of people to have a successful team and we have that.” Jim Riley was
pleased to be racing in Parker. “I love racing the BlueWater,” said Jim, “The two day format always gives
you a chance to come back from a bad day. We had a fun weekend getting to know our newest team
Member Andy Grider.”

The BlueWater Desert Challenge put the drivers and their Trophylites to the test. Their FOX shocks took
everything the terrain could dish out and Maxima Racing Oils kept everything running smoothly. At Vegas
to Reno the General Tire Competition Grabbers took the first two spots. At the BlueWater, it was the AT
2’s that took the top two spots. It seems to be a toss-up as to which General tire performs the best; both
work well in a variety of terrain. Regardless of which tire the teams use, their Method Race Wheels have
performed flawlessly the entire season.

Overall Weekend Results (9 out of 12 Finished):
1. Logan Holladay
2. Ben Abatti II / III
3. Andrew Mcleod
4. Edmundo Chantler
5. Chris Wacker
6. Jeff Proctor
7. P.J. Guglielmo
8. Mike Meachum
9. Jeff Mortis

The battle will resume once more December 6-8 in Henderson, Nevada. The points will be tight and the
season will be on the line, it doesn’t get any more intense than that.

Photography By Bink Designs

About Trophy Lite
The General Tire Trophylite Race Series was created to provide an affordable alternative to the high cost
of racing. Drivers are pitted against each other in identical vehicles that provide the thrill of competitive
offroad racing without the million dollar price tag. All Trophylite race vehicles are precisely constructed to
maintain parity and use the finest quality components available. Trophylite allows you to compete in a
fun, fast, race proven vehicle right out of the box. With generous sponsorship from General Tire, KC
Hilites, Mastercraft Safety,Method Race Wheels, Azunia Tequila, Maxima Racing Oils, Impact & FOX you
can cash in on the $50,000 in prize money that is up for grabs during the 2013
season. Visit www.trophylite.com for more information.

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