Huseman Runs Glen Helen!

Current Pro-4 Champion Monster Energy’s Rick Huseman returned to Rounds 9-10 of Lucas Oil Off-Road and swept the weekend of racing, dominating both nights of racing.  We got a chance to catch up with the champ and ask him a few questions.

How does it feel to be chasing the points lead?

I hate being behind.  My family and I do a lot of work and prep so we don’t put ourselves in a position where we have to chase points.  We want everybody chasing us.  We are going to have to work hard to get it back. We’ve got plenty of time.

You have done really well at Glen Helen; tell us about your race Saturday?

Yeah, Glen Helen is my home track.  I don’t live to far from here. It’s great to have a track in Southern California, this is where a lot my fans are.  This is where I got my start.  I started out racing 7 trucks here.  I watched a lot of racing here.  A lot of people have helped me here, so yeah.  I like racing here.

How was the racing this weekend?

It was great for us.  The truck was flawless.  I stayed out front,  out of the mayhem and just tried to race clean. The racing was intense.  I like racing under the lights at night for a hometown crowd.  This is a technical track, which I like.  We had a good weekend.  We need some more like that.  I want to catch up with Carl and win the championship again this year

What happened in Utah?

Honestly, I don’t know.  We broke parts that we have never broken before.  It was frustrating, I’ve never had that much bad luck at a race before, everything just went wrong.  The Pro-4 has a lot of parts.  We try and keep truck lean.  Parts have to be on the borderline of light versus strong and sometimes you break

Did you make any changes to your truck?

I’ve tried a few different set ups.  Every track set up is slightly different.  Sometimes you try something and you go the wrong direction, but you can’t be afraid to try new stuff.

Who do you think is our biggest competition?

It changes from track-to-track.  A lot of trucks are within tenths of a second.  Sometimes myself.  You just can’t make any mistakes out there.  I have a big target on my back and I know it.  We are expected to win and sometimes that can be mentally tasking.  I just got to go out and race.  Besides that, the field is stacked.  Carl Renezeder and Kyle LeDuc are not going to give anything away, and If you make a mistake Greg Adler is going to be right on you as well.  Cenni is always a threat. He’ll do whatever it takes to win.

What do you think makes you such a good racer?

I love doing this, but this is our job.  We have to do well or we don’t have a job.  We don’t take this for granted.  I know a lot of people would like to race for a living.  My brothers and my dad are my crew.  They are just as committed as I am to winning.  I can go out onto the track knowing the truck is ready to race because my family and I prepped every part of the truck.  We have a good truck right now.  The Toyota engine is solid, we have great tires with BFG. Everything is working together.

What’s next for you?

We are just focused on getting ready for the next race at Surprise, AZ.

What’s your game plan for the race?

Our game plan is to win every race. We want to win the championship.  I am going to try and qualify well and race hard.  I always want to be in the front and stay away from the mayhem, that’s the key for us.

What is your goal as a racer?

Keep racing. Keep winning races. Keep winning championships. Keep sponsors and fans excited about off-road racing.


Words by Matt Martelli

Photos by Jason Zindroski