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ID Designs – Shop Tour

Race-Dezert.com headed to Vista, CA for a quick stop at ID Designs for the latest shop tour. ID Designs is owned by Ivan Davis and David Perrault, both are 33 years old. They were initially friends in high school and then went different ways until 2002 when they built a company called SPD building high end racing parts and trophy trucks. While owning SPD the pair built several successful vehicles including Bobby and BJ Baldwins Trophy Trucks, along with many other TT’s and other projects. In 2008 they dissolved their partnership with the 3rd party in SPD and decided to start their own business since they retained all of the tooling and drawings from the projects they had built at SPD.

Overview of the shop

Their shop is very well organized and the tools and machining is set up in a way that makes it easy to transition from one machine to the next as assembly takes place. Currently one of the projects in the shop is their 7200/6 build. This truck was designed for both use in the USA and Australia, they have sold 5 of these to Australia already.

7200 Chassis Build
7200 Truck

This truck features a 118″ wheel base and 85″ track width which will cycle 22″ of travel in the front and 26″ in the rear. Is also uses ID Designs Hubs and rear end housing.

ID Designs Hubs

This is what the truck looks like before assembly and this is how most of the orders are shipped to Australia.

7200 Truck Parts

All of the tools used to build these parts are stored in various Snap On tool boxes around the shop, this might be one of the biggest ones we have ever seen!

Snap-On Tool Box

Since ID Designs builds almost all of their parts in-house it is essential to have the correct tooling. There are many cool machines all throughout the shop that will let you build just about anything you can draw up.


One of their recent projects was an upgrade to BJ Baldwins current trophy truck, was a completely new front suspension design. This included new a-arms, spindles, and hubs. With all the changes they were able to reduce the unsprung weight by 22lb per corner!


Lower A-Arm

This is one of their new fuel cell designs. Think this thing will fit in your daily driver??

Fuel Cell

ID Designs is one of only 6 distributors of Brembo Racing Brakes in the USA. So if your shopping for Brembo, ID Designs is the place to go!

Brembo Brakes

All of the designs start out in the office using CAD or alike programs. On the wall off the office is some of the projects of the past. Many of the past designs have had great success winning several SCORE and BITD races including the Baja 500!


Thanks again to ID Designs for letting RDC stop by and take a shop tour. Be sure to check out the rest of the pictures in the gallery below of the many other products they build and the rest of the shop. If you have any questions about ID Designs you can visit their Facebook page: ID Designs or visit their website at http://www.iddesigns.net/