International Racing Consultants partners with Eco Soul on carbon offset program for off-road racers

Tustin, California – December 27, 2010 – International Racing Consultants, is a leader in off-road racing tracking, specializing in advanced satellite communications in land, air and sea sports. IRC has partnered with Eco Soul, a 501(c)(3) organization, to promote Eco Soul’s Green Island Carbon Offset Project (GICO Project). The GICO Project is designed to create an accessible program for outdoor enthusiasts to easily offset their carbon emissions through the planting of fast growing trees for carbon capture and sequestration.

Tree planting is the most effective way to safely sequester carbon from the atmosphere. The goal of the GICO Project is to plant millions of trees, nationally and internationally, to absorb CO2 emissions. In addition to sequestering carbon, tree planting has many other benefits including increased soil development and restoration, reduction of particulate pollution, bio-remediation of degraded agricultural lands, improved water quality, create wildlife habitat, and provide a wide array of products that will decrease our dependence on fossil fuels.

Steve Myers, President of International Racing Consultants, stated, “The Green Island Carbon Offset Project is an excellent way for the off-road racing community to demonstrate its environmental leadership and to support a cleaner future for generations to come.” Steve, continued, saying that the offset program is based on the cost of $.50 per gallon, making it easy for off-road racers to calculate the appropriate financial contribution for the offset by tying it to their fuel consumption in any particular event.

Eco Soul has joined with Eco Ranchos, Inc. as its tree-planting partner. Eco Ranchos’ management team has over 100 years of combined experience in agriculture, including timber crops, annual crops, perennial crops, subtropical fruits and livestock. This experience, along with the in-depth expertise of its advisors and affiliated companies, allows Eco Ranchos to effectively design and implement sustainable and profitable agro-forestry and tree-farming systems.

Skip Staats, Director and Co-Founder of Eco Soul, pointed out that “by tying the tree planting to commercial tree farming operations, we can be assured that each tree planted will be maintained for the appropriate period of time to truly offset the carbon emissions.” Skip went on to state “that it is not enough to reduce our emissions, we must act now to sequester, as quickly as possible, excess atmospheric carbon, to protect our future.”

Tax-deductible contributions to the GICO Projects can be made to Eco Soul.

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