BJ every racer who competes in baja endangers spectators especially TT drivers so who are you trying to kid. You could not run with with Tavo so why would you want to win this way.
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    • December 2, 2012
    However ya'll want to look at it.."The local hero" was caught cheating and got what was coming to him...He resulted to breaking the rules because he wasn't having the day B.J. was having...Plain and simple, end of story!!!Congrats B.J., and way to go having the testicles to stand up for what's right!!!
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  • December 1, 2012
BJ Baldwin is right. Tavo Vildosola drove like crazy, there are rules, this is an sport.

1. Vildosola had to stop to fix the light bar; the highway is not a race pit, he broke the rule.

2. The video where vildosola missed a turn, that was so agressive, he could hurt a fan. The fans are the most important thing in the baja 1000.

that´s my opinion.
BJ BALDWIN is a fair winner.
Congratulations BJ for the 2012 Baja 1000 Win!!

From all of us at Sidewinder Racing!!
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    Sam B
  • December 2, 2012
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    rob graves
  • December 3, 2012
I totally respect BJ and The Vildosovas.BJ didnt seek out the incriminating video footage.It was sent to him and Score as well Im sure.I liked BJ,s interview and he is so right that what he does is a business and not a hobby at his level.And to protest is his and any any other competitors right.If other footage comes forward to cancel out his hard fought effort. Then I guess we will be congratulating the Weyrich,s.The drama continues.:/
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  • December 4, 2012
BJ is a class act in this interview and has been through out the entire ordeal. Just like he said this is not a game or a hobby for him. It is his career and he had every right to do what he did. Tavo is a good racer but absolutely broke the rules and had to be held accountable. Myself and every racer I have talk to feel Tavo should have been DQed for driving through that camp. That video shows at total disregard for human life and safety.
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  • December 5, 2012
I felt better about this driver before I saw this interview given i gave him the benefit Of thinking maybe other people motivated Him to go after this protest, now it's clear to me and to any $10 shrink that would take him apart on just body language, how pitty this whole thing is..... I hope this is not the future of the premier 4 wheel class in Baja, since this makes me want the Ivan Stewart and such gentleman days back bad.... Like the story of Dorian grey, this trophy belongs in a closet, when maturity and reality develops over time I strongly recommend not looking in that closet.
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    Saeed Kharbash
  • February 2, 2013
On behalf of Emirates Desert Rangers and Speedtech UAE:


Very much enjoyed watching you race


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