It’s a Wrap: 2021 Weddle Shootout Series

It’s a Wrap: 2021 Weddle Shootout Series

Good, clean and grassroots, in partnership with MORE Racing

Goleta, CA — The 2021 Weddle Shootout Series is in the books. We had a blast partnering with MORE Racing to champion grassroots desert racing for our second year running. A huge thanks to all of the race teams that participated in the Swinger’s BallTJ Craig Memorial Sweet 16 ShootoutPerfect 10 Challenge and the Class 5 Clash. A huge shout out to all the winners, Top Qualifiers, Fast Lappers and Mr. Consistents.

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A huge thanks goes out to Cody and Danielle Jeffers at MORE Racing and all the volunteers for all the hard work that makes the Weddle Shootout Series possible.

The Weddle Shootout Series could not happen without the support from our event co-sponsors: PCI Race Radios, GG Lighting, Mckenzie’s Performance, Pro Eagle, Fluid Flow Performance, SeeDevil Lighting, 239 Films and Sign Pro. The Weddle Shootout Series will be back in 2022! Stay tuned for details.

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Weddle Industries is proud to support grassroots desert racing.

Top Finishers at the 2021 Weddle Swinger’s Ball 
A special event for Class 9 racers run in conjunction with the MORE Slash X Duel in the Desert, February 20, 2021 Barstow, CA

1. 911 Brandon Heald — Weddle-equipped
2. 982 Wesley Welch — Weddle-equipped
3. 908 Eric Ruble — Weddle S5

$1000 Weddle Top Qualifier: 911 Brandon Heald
$1000 Weddle Fast Lap: 911 Brandon Heald
$1000 Weddle Mr. Consistent: 931 Lorenzo Duarte

Top Finishers at the 2021 TJ Craig Memorial Weddle Sweet 16 Shootout
A special event for Class 1600 racers run in conjunction with the MORE Transaxle Engineering Challenge, April 24, 2021 Barstow, CA

1.  1622 Tim Craig — Weddle-equipped
2.  1679  Cole Hardin — Weddle-equipped
3.  1623 Bryce Farrar — Weddle-equipped

$1000 Weddle Top Qualifier: Cole Hardin
$1000 Weddle Fast Lap: Bryce Farrar
$1000 Weddle Mr. Consistent: Cole Hardin

Top Finishers at the 2021 Weddle Perfect 10 Challenge
A special event for Class 10 racers run in conjunction with the MORE McKenzie’s 250, June 5, 2021, Lucerne Valley, CA

1.  1087 Ivan Tagle
2. 1099 Ezra Ebberts
3. 1055 Tom Coons — Weddle S5

$1000 Weddle Top Qualifier — 1099 Ezra Ebberts
$1000 Weddle Fast Lap  — 1055 Tom Coons
$1000 Weddle Mr. Consistent  — 1015 James Ford

Top Finishers at the 2021 Weddle CLASS 5 CLASH
A special event for Class 5U racers run in conjunction with the MORE PCI 300, September 25, 2021, Lucerne Valley, CA

1.  5004  Cade Garcia — Weddle S5
2.  5013 Ray Promer — Weddle MD
3.  516 Ethan Jackson — Weddle S5

$1000 Weddle Top Qualifier —  5004  Cade Garcia
$1000 Weddle Fast Lap —  5004  Cade Garcia
$1000 Weddle Mr. Consistent  —  5004  Cade Garcia