Jason Coleman Spices up the Chili Cook-off with a Decisive Win.

Lucerne, CA

Jason Coleman and his Coleman Motorsports team had a flawless victory at the combined MORE/SNORE Chili Cook-off and KC Hilites, Midnight Special race in Lucerne Valley, California. The combined race gave the SNORE racers a chance to go up against their fellow racers in the MORE series who would have home court advantage on their side. In a class like 1600 where the cars are so similar, the slightest advantage makes a huge difference. The Lucerne course is filled with several different terrains. Fast in some places, it also contains technical rocky sections, twisty sand washes and miles of pounding whoops. The smooth whoops can actually be fun but the choppy, square edged whoops are just punishing.

Jason ran three pre-run laps of the 73 mile long course on Friday and took full advantage of co-rider Jeremy Munyon’s knowledge of the valley to pick his lines; taking some of that home court advantage away from the locals. In class 1600, the key is to stay on the gas all the time. Finding the fastest line around the course is crucial. Drivers need to be skilled in reading the terrain and know how hard they can push their cars. Out of the 17 racers that set out to complete the four laps required, only 6 would finish the race in the allotted time.

Jason and Jeremy started 11th off the line and immediately began picking off cars. At the end of lap one, they were leading on corrected time. Their Wik’s racing engine was running strong and the Dave Folts built transmission and King shocks were taking every bit of abuse the course was dishing out. On lap two, they dropped to second but were maintaining their own pace.

They pulled in the pits for a splash of gas and a quick check. The Yokohama tires were still in great shape and the car was working fantastic due to another perfect prep job by crew chief Jason Brisco so they went back out with no changes to the car. It was now up to Jason to do what he does best. Keep the pace up and keep pushing hard without making a mistake.

After another quick pit stop by the Coleman Motorsports crew, they headed out with fresh fuel and enough Hella lights to blaze a path through the darkness but no other changes; the car and the tires were still perfect. Their plan was working, the lead car was in the pits with a problem. Retaking the lead, Jason kept the pace up to the finish; taking the win by 20 minutes over second place.

“This course really suited my driving style,” said Jason, “I love the longer desert courses. The terrain was constantly changing so you had to stay sharp. We had no flats all day; we hit plenty of rocks but the Yokohama Tires were tough enough to take it. I can’t say enough about my sponsors and my crew at Coleman Motorsports; the car was perfect all day long.” The win makes Jason a contender for the overall points title in the SNORE series and puts him back in front of the championship points lead for class 1600 with only two races to go. The next race in the series will be the SNORE 250. The location is still to be determined but this clearly shows wherever they go Coleman Motorsports will be out front, contending for the win.

Race Photos By Mike Wilson
MWilson Photo / mwilsonphoto.com

Finish Line Photo By Art Eugenio
Get Some Photo / getsomephoto.com

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