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Jason Voss Takes Gold At The Silver State 300

The BITD Silver State 300 is making its name for being a short but difficult sprint of a race. Filled with rally style type roads on a lot of the course, racers can’t just mash their foot to the floor and plow over whoops. They need to be smart and drive the vehicles around the course. The race course is also known for being very dusty and silty and this years course didn’t deviate from that one bit.


The morning race started off with a thick fog covering the beginning of the course as motorcycles, quads, and UTV’s took to the course. Once the wind started to pick up later in the day it eased some of the visibility issues, but there is nothing you can do to make silt disappear. Each car that runs over it makes it deeper and deeper and more of a challenge for the person behind them. As soon as you get 39″ tires and 800 horsepower running through it, the result can be silt holes that swallow up the more limited cars.


Jason Voss took home the gold in the BITD Silver State 300 and will wear the crown as the overall winner in the #1 Trick Truck. Voss and Dondel battled in the early part of the day with Dondel holding off Voss, but halfway through the race Voss found a way around Dondel and from there never looked back. After race mile 150 Voss only had a 21 second lead over Justin Lofton in the #1577 car for the overall win, but in the last 140 miles Voss was able to put 4 minutes and 33 seconds on second overall Shawn Croll in the #32. Lofton would finish two minutes behind Croll giving him third overall and his second class win in as many years. Of course all results are unofficial until BITD publishes the results.


1. Jason Voss – 5:18:56
2. Shawn Croll – 5:23:19
3. Justin Lofton – 5:25:21
4. Corey Keysar – 5:28:27
5. Steve Strobel – 5:29:34
6. Steve Olliges – 5:30:39
7. Harley Letner – 5:31:01
8. Eduardo Laguna – 5:31:12
9. Carl Beal – 5:35:32
10. Ray Griffith – 5:37:32

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography


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