JCR/Honda 2020 Team Video

JCR/Honda 2020 Team Video

JCR/Honda 2020 Team Video!

The JCR/Honda team takes you into the awesome world of high-performance Honda Off-Road Bikes. With all-new camera angles and drone footage designed to make you want to get out and ride!
Ricky Brabec – Tarah Gieger – Kendall Norman –
Johnny Campbell – Preston Campbell

WARNING!! This video is designed to make you want to load your bike, grab your gear and burn some VP Racing Fuel!The JCR/Honda 2020 Team video captures the versatility of Honda’s CRF Off-Road models and the passion of the riders that pilot them. Using insanely creative camera angles and cutting edge drone technologies. Please share this video across your own platforms.

“I’m very proud of the hard work that everyone has put into making this video. The riding is next level and I’m looking forward to everyone watching it.”  — Johnny Campbell 

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Photo Credit: Mark Kariya
Video Credit: Ryan Ray
Drone footage: Jake Yubeta

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