JCR HONDA Defends Attacks By THR KAWASAKI and KTM- Colton Retains 1x Title

Colton, Timmy and Kamo Prove They Are The Masters Of BAJA

LA PAZ, BAJA, CA. MEXICO- I was the most highly anticipated off road battle in North Amercia and the 2012 BAJA 1000 was the battle of the century indeed. Never before in the modern era have 3 major teams of different colors been so closely contested. With the SCORE BAJA season points championship on the line, any of the three teams could have claimed the 1x plate based on which ever bike reached the city of La Paz first.

Colton Udall flies his HONDA CRF450x thought the whoops just south of Ojos Negros

Colton Udall towed the line for JCR HONDA and opened up a spectacular lead north of San Felipe by passing THR KAWASAKI’s Robby Bell within one mile of where Colton’s former teammate Jeff “OX” Kargola suffered a fatal crash a year and a half earlier. Bell, who is a former HONDA champion, won the last BAJA 500 and was a formidable opponent for Udall, but this was Udall’s day to shine.

THR’s Robby Bell gave a good battle up north but was outpaced by Colton Udall’s strong showing which led to HONDA’s defeat of the green challenger

Both FMF KTM and THR KAWI staged solid campaigns throughout 2012, each winning one of the 3 coveted SCORE BAJA races. These challengers were so solid in fact, that the general consensus was that Colton and teammates Timmy Weigand and David Kamo were under-gunned with only 3 riders (versus 4 each on KTM and KAWI). Up and down the BAJA peninsula, fans, crews and racers alike had underestimated JCR, doubting that Colton and Co. would produce a win in their final moment of truth.


Fans at home used the information age to follow the race as it was reported through social media updates from start to finish and Colton’s split times widened as he ride the entire 325 to El Crucero without getting off the bike. KTM’s Mike Brown and Ivan Ramirez shared the task that Colton himself mustered alone. It was Colton’s day; the only problem was this is a “night race”.

Amputee rider Chris Ridgeway led his “Team Hero Racing” partners Jim Wazny and Mario Panagiotopoulis (also amputees) to an amazing finish in La Paz proving they are not handicapped when it comes to beating the BAJA course into submission.

As the short day came to an end (traveling southeast means less daylight than normal) Destry Abbott rode the KAWI against HONDAs David Kamo and KTM’s Kurt Caselli. By the time the race reached the traditional midpoint of San Ignacio, Colton got back on the 1x bike with a totally fresh David Pearson hot on his tail. Pearson ran a solid section and took an 8-minute deficit and trimmed it down to a minute and a half versus the HONDA by the time the lead bikes reached the town of Loreto. KTM had suffered a minor technical issue further north that se them back even further versus the HONDA and KAWI.

Corey Freeman (9x) zips through the northern whoops of BAJA for DP Racing’s AJ Stewart and Kevin Johnson. DP has not missed a SCORE race in over a decade.

Alas, the evening battle between nighttime specialist Steve Hengeveld and JCR’s Timmy Weigand ensued. Fans from around over the world watched their computer monitors and smart phones as BAJA PITS’ satellite-relay-updates were crossed posted throughout the cybersphere. Hengeveld stalked Weigand closely for over 100 miles before his moment of truth: Where he was to attempt his pass near race mile 990, his KAWASAKI motor broke the piston and he was again dashed by Johnny Campbell’s dynasty, the very one he contributed to building a decade earlier. Meanwhile, KTM’s Quinn Cody went down with a broken femur, ending KTM’s hopes to knock Johnny Campbell off the top of the podium and taking Cody out of the picture, supposedly, for the 2013 Dakar Rally.


Meanwhile, with KTM out of contention for the win and KAWI out of the race, this opened the door for privateer team Max Eddy Jr. and Ricky Brabec to land on the overall podium with their class 21 bike, sponsored BAJA racing benefactor Mark Winkleman. Although Jim O’neal was the “rider of record” it simply does not count if you only ride a few easy miles. This was a last minute effort produced by Winkleman and, while BAJA veteran Shane Esposito kicked major ass all the way to San Felipe, the fact that Brabec and Eddy manned up with only one chase driver (Kyle Mangles) all the way to La Paz for the podium finish is a testiment to what these guys can do in 2013. We expect Winkleman to sponsor his own team with Eddy and Brabec pulling major duty and likely “rider of record” honors.

Ricky Brabec (L), chase driver Kyle and Max Eddy Jr. (suited) are congratulated by Sal Fish after an impressive 3rd place overall bike across the finish line.

The impressive E Fact Energy team of Mark Samuels and Ian Young (3x) had bad luck as Samuels had a gas “issue” early in the race. He was doing great with the overall physical lead before having to literally run backward on the course to find gas. This may have cost Samuels and a second place or at least a podium and BAJA 1000 rookie Mathis “The Danish Cookie” Riiber rode a short section holding time well from El Crucero to Bahia de Los Angeles. We hope to see E Fact Energy return in 2013 to stage a full campaign in the prestigious SCORE BAJA series.

E Fact Energy’s Mark Samuels held the physical lead before having a fuel issue early in the race. Despite the setback, his 3x teammates “Pee-In” Ian Young and Mathis Riiber managed a third place finish in class 22 Open Pro.

The mainstay veterans of class 40 returned again to conquer the season points championship for Jeff Kaplan and Ron “SurfNRide” Wilson. “The” Ricky ‘RJ’ Johnson rode the 400x bike from the start to HONDA pit 3, while Kaplan and Wilson leapfrogged down the BAJA to find another win. Wilson suffered a broken wrist and kept going, taking one for the team.

Ricky “RJ” Johnson took the 400x bike of Jeff Kaplan & Ron “SurfNRide” Wilson as far as Borrego Junction. Ron and Jeff towed the line from there to another class 40 title for Kaplan.

BAJA is a funny thing when it comes to the sport of off road motorcycle racing and there is tremendous irony in the fact that is both the most important off road event in North America and, at the same time, the least covered. The unfortunate nature of “narco-terrorism” in the border towns and especially mainland Mexico has stigmatized Baja, causing collateral damage to the sport of off road, to the fans and very most importantly to the great people of the BAJA peninsula. The saving grace for all of this moving forward for bike fans is that it appears obvious the FMF KTM and THR will return to BAJA in March to wage war, once again against Johnny Campbell and 1x champion Colton Udall

JCR Honda’s Timmy Weigand crosses the finish line in LA PAZ, securing a repeat SCORE Championship for himself and teammates Colton Udall and David Kamo
JCR’s TJ Jones, David Kamo, Johnny Campbell and Scott Dunlevy await the Timmy Weigand at the finish line
Fierce competitors yet sincere gentlemen: Kurt Caselli (r) congratulates Colton Udall after battling all day and night.
Colton Udall (L) congratulates younger brother Ian Young on Ian’s best finish to date: 4th OA bike, 3rd in class 22 Open Pro
Gentle giant Francisco Septien at the finish for the 103x bike co-piloted by Adam ‘Psycho Boy’ Neuwirth in La Paz
Nice guy Jason Trubey gets a moment of “morning glory” with Sal Fish after bringing the 300x bike of Mike Johnson home for another class win
Chief HONDA mechanic Eric Siraton revels in another victory for JCR
A proud TJ Jones (left) lives for these moments- He is a guiding pillar at the JCR HONDA complex.
A familiar scene at the finish line of SCORE Baja races-


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