JCR/Honda wins its 15th Baja 1000 in a row!

JCR/Honda had an unforgettable weekend winning an unprecedented 15th Baja 1000 in a row and taking home the 2011 SCORE Championship!

It is the platform of the mighty Honda CRF450X that makes the difference for JCR/Honda. The blend of durability and performance are unmatched. Add to that, the strength of Lucas Oil lubricants, the handling of Pro Circuit suspension and the traction of Dunlop tires to mention a few and on top of that is all the hard work the racers, mechanics, staff and volunteers put into each race that makes this team so successful.

The race course was laid out in a single, 705 mile, rugged loop starting and finishing in Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico. Racers were treated with rains the week of prerunning which helped keep dust to a minimum during the event.

It was the 1x Super Team of Kendall Norman, Quinn Cody and new comer Logan Holladay that would set the fastest pace, being pushed for nearly the entire race until the night fell and then finally would open up a 10 minute plus gap on second place to take the win in a time of 14:14:25. JCR’s 0x Team of Colton Udall, David Kamo and Timmy Weigand had their share of Baja setbacks and set their sights on clinching the 2011 SCORE Series Championship.

JCR/Honda would like to thank and congratulate the following teams using the JCR/Honda pit service for winning ALL the pro bike classes at the 44th running of the SCORE Baja 1000:
Class 21: Trevor Insley CRF450X
Class 24: Brandon Brown TRX450R
Class 25: Wayne Matlock TRX700XX
Class 30: Mike Johnson CRF450X
Class 40: Jeff Kaplan CRF450X
Class 50: Jim O’Neal CRF450X
Class 60: Richard Jackson CRF450X

“This Baja 1000 was a huge milestone for JCR and Honda. When you think of 15 straight Baja 1000 victories, that doesn’t just happen. It takes a collective effort of leadership, support, speed, skill, hard work, perseverance and desire. It is so fulfilling when you plan, refine, plan, refine and put so much time and effort into an effort and succeed on multiple levels. The 1x boys rode like the champions they are and I couldn’t be more proud of our victory. And to honor our late, great friend Jeff “OX” Kargola with the Championship of his dreams is incredible. I am so thankful to my racers, Eric Siraton for his meticulous mechanical skills and prep, pit staff, Honda and our all of our great sponsors.” –Johnny Campbell

“It was a rough morning for me. I crashed the bike about 20 miles in but everything was alright and I started finding my rhythm, got down the road and I was really excited to get through Borrego and the road crossing. My first stint was almost over and I hit the biggest mound ever and just sent it at 70 miles per hour and took the biggest digger. I don’t know how I popped up so quickly but everything seemed okay though I was pretty banged up. I kept the bike going, got it to the pit and had to do a few repairs on it. Quinn (Cody) pinned it hard and did a really good job and so did Logan (Holladay.) I got back on in the meadow in Valle de Trinidad and took her home at night. It was a really tough day. Baja had its moments with me today. It didn’t make it easy. We had a challenger with my former teammate Robby Bell. They were there all day. They fought hard and kept us honest. It’s going to be tough in the years to come in Baja. It sounds like there’s going to be a lot more competition and it’s going to elevate the sport and what we have to do to come down here and be successful. It’s good for the sport, good for Baja and exciting for all the fans too.” — Kendall Norman

“We didn’t really have any problems today.  We just rode steady and had a great race. I had my smarter, more mature teammate Timmy (Weigand) telling me to slow down and ride consistent.  Hopefully the points fall as we think and we collect the championship trophy in a few days.  And rest is history.  This race was for OX today.  We have all of OX’s friends here and it is a tribute to him.  OX helped us win this championship this year. We talked about our approach a lot during pre-running. I broke my hand two weeks ago so I didn’t get to do the number of miles I wanted to do. There was a championship on my shoulders and all I could do was mess that up so riding a smooth and perfect race was what we were going to do. If the championship is there, why push it? I want to thank Timmy, David (Kamo), our sponsors, everyone at JCR and my family.   Dave was quite a workhorse for us today.  He rode in some tough spots today but the bike never touched the ground.  It is still in great shape for the next race.” — Colton Udall

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