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Jeff Kincaid Motorsports – Shop Tour

Jeff Kincaid is a 22 year shortcourse off road racing veteran who has captured 7 Prolite championships and over 80 career wins.

Through the years Jeff has hand crafted his own race vehicles out of his shop in Crandon, WI.

Jeff’s Prolite builds have gone on to be driven by drivers such as Chad Hord, Chris Brandt and others. His trucks have accumulated over 150 wins in shortcourse off road racing.

In 2009 Kincaid began building his first Pro 2 to competed in the 2010 TORC series. In his first year in Pro 2, Jeff captured 2 wins and the 2010 Pro 2 Vs. Pro 4 Crandon Cup Challenge.

The team consist of:

Jeff Kincaid
Keegan Kincaid (Jeff’s son)
Kody Kulinski (Jeff’s nephew)

The following is a tour of Jeff Kincaids shop where he is currently completing a new V8 Prolite and a second Pro 2.

The race shop is designed for the purpose of building and maintaining professional short coure off road race trucks.
A new 2011 Pro 2 chassis fresh off the jig table.
New 2011 Pro 2 chassis
Jeff’s 2010 Pro 2 which he used to capture 2 Series wins and the 2010 Pro 2 Vs. Pro 4 Crandon Cup Challange.
A new 2011 V8 Prolite which will be piloted by Jeff’s son Keegan in 2011.
The new V8 Prolite with tin panels installed
The Office includes a drafting/graphics table, computers, vinyl graphic cutter, trophy’s memorabilia.
Kincaid’s home and raceshops are located on 80 acres just two miles from Crandon off road raceway.
The race hauler get’s parked on the backside of the shop / property
  • S
    SI Industries
  • May 19, 2011
What are the specs on that tig welding rod they are using, gold looks good?
  • K
    klint kincaid
  • June 1, 2011
Wow cool shop man!! how ya been? Its cool to see your still conquering the race with your trucks. You make me proud to be a Kincaid. keep up man.
Do you still build pro lite trucks? I am very interested.
  • L
    Little keny
  • March 21, 2019
Awsome jeff