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Jergensen’s Racer Trophy Truck

Racing off road has always been in the Jergensen family.  It started with Todd racing motorcycles and holding the #1 plate in the vet class for a few years.  Todd’s son Kyle started riding motorcycles at 7 years old and later they both teamed up for District 37 enduro races.

Eventually they decided to try something with four wheels and bought a single seat Smith built car.  They had some good finishes in the car but also had many learning experiences like clipping a tree, blowing a motor from over reving the engine, CV’s breaking and more.

In 2008 they bought a Desert Dynamics TT but had many problems so they went back to the single seat car.  Fast forward to 2012 they decided it was time for a new Trophy Truck to get away from the CV problems they have been plagued with over the years.  Todd and Kyle shopped around for 6 months and wanted something lighter than the Geiser’s and Jimco’s that allot of teams are running.  Eventually they met up with Racer Engineering to talk about a new lighter Trophy Truck they had been desigining but hadn’t built yet.  Most TT’s weigh around 6500 lbs but this new Racer built truck weighs in at 5400 lbs race ready with 85 gallons of fuel.  The idea is that it will be easier on parts (transmissions, tires, suspension components, etc.), and will have closer to a class 1 feel coming out of the corners.

Todd and Kyle have 250 miles of testing on the new truck and couldn’t be happier.  They are ready for the HDRA 500 race in July.

Owner: Todd Jergensen
Builder: Racer Engineering
Chassis: 2013 Racer
Weight: 5400lbs race ready
Wheel Base: 120”
Track Width: 91.5”
Front Suspension: 25″ travel, J-Arm with 4.0 King bypass
Rear Suspension: 31″ 4 link w/King 4.5″ bypass and 4″ Racer rear end
Engine: Nogrady 472 ci, 840hp
Transmission: Culhane TH400 w/Tubeworks Underdrive
Fuel Cell: Racer can with Harmon Racing Cells bladder – 85 Gallons
Ignition: Motec
Tires: BFG 39″
Wheels: Trailready 17 x 9
Paint: Streight Edge
Seats: NRG Carbon
Brakes: Stop Tech 6 piston w/14″ rotors
Communication: PCI 110W Kenwood
Navigation: Lowrance 10″ GPS
Lights: Rigid Industries LED Bars
Plumbing: BMRS Plumbing
Cooling: CBR Radiators
Website: www.racerengineering.com
Will be nice to see a new design out competing. Good luck.
  • T
  • June 26, 2013
Sick truck! The only problems I see is the lower front arms are tiny, also seems like the rear approach(ground clearance) is pretty low. All and all, one of the most legit TT to date.
    Todd, These pictures were shot right after they took it off the trailer and hit the dirt for the first time. After the photo shoot they tested the truck and made suspension changes which included raising the rear a little and I think they lowered the front. I have some video of the truck that will be posted soon.
  • J
  • June 26, 2013
she is sexy, the arms are as big , it might be the camera angle. we have not bottom yet and we have been testing out in barstow. there are some huge holes in barstow.kyle can go through start finish wide open.
  • R
    Ricardo F
  • July 1, 2013
I saw this trophy truck at the Baja 500, but they did not start the race. Does Anybody Know Why?
  • M
  • August 18, 2013
Super sweet both my favs in 1 truck
1- Ford
2- red , black and white paint scheme