Jesse James Overall’s BRT Chupacabra 300

October 2nd, 2011

Blackwell, TX

Jesse James in his #54 Geiser built Trophy Truck brought home the overall win in the first annual BRT Chupacabra 300 with a time of 8 hours and 5 minutes. Jesse spent the day competing against the likes of Roger Norman running “Wild Bill” Stuever’s #88 Trophy Truck, Zorba Racing & 9 other unlimited vehicles that started. Jesse, known for his shows such as Monster Garage and up coming Biker Build-Off duel against OCC and Paul Jr. Designs.

Friday dawned cool and clear which set the stage for unlimited vehicle qualifying where rock donkey Jason Sherer took the pole followed by Mike Walser in his class 1 unlimited and Rick Geiser in the #27 Trophy Truck of Carl Beal’s.

Saturday’s 12PM start time afforded racers some much-needed rest for the long day ahead. The course, consisting of many twists and turns meandered through hillsides and meadows of Texana Ranch. Combined with a high speed and silt sections the Chupacabra 300 made for a challenging day.

Top Qualifier Jason Sherer went down quickly on the first lap with a blown motor giving Mike Walser the lead for 3 laps until Roger Norman battled his way to the front. Norman lead for 1 lap until a fuel cell issue ended his day. Jesse James was able to gain the lead in front of Jason Shipman after a tire change. Jesse was consistent all day with zero problems and was able to work his way up front from 8th to 1st in 6 laps and held his lead to the finish.

Sunday’s award ceremony concluded with Michael Fletcher of Pat Sims #777 WFO Racing Team dropped­ to one knee and proposed to his fiancé Jamie Flowers. Proving once again the BRT is a family affair.

“The race was epic, the course got better after it got beat in and was a lot of fun. Some buffalo charged us by the jumps and we had to swerve to miss them, that was awesome!” stated Jesse James.


Words & Photos by Brian Binkert


TOP 5 Unlimited Car & Truck

54 Jesse James (Overall, Time 8:05:29)

1514 Jason Shipman (8:09:24)

1533 Mike Walser (9:30:40)

60 Mike Voudouris (9:34:42)

1858 Dean Van Dam (10:59:08)


Other Class Winners

4400 Unlimited – #4470 Clint Ellett (8:48:16)

7 Unlimited – #7221 Jason Helm (9:24:11)

3000 Desert Lites – #3667 Joe Dixon (11:18:12)

1600 – #1644 Peter Hardsteen (10:00:43)

5 Unlimited – #5016 Steve Tyo (10:02:36)

UTV Unlimited – #1923 Lana Richards (10:15:07)

UTV Sportsman – #1902 Tom Marek (2:10:06, Short Course)


Official Starters 39 / Finishers 19


Chris Leitner of Baja Racing of Texas commented, “Our success of the 2011 season far exceeded our expectations. The support we received from our volunteers, racers, landowners and sponsors validated our vision for off-road racing in Texas. 2012 promises to be bigger and better and we can’t wait to get started.” Make plans to join the BRT for the expanded and exciting 2012 season.


2012 BRT Schedule

Blackwell 250 (March 8th-11th)

Texas 500 (July 5th-8th)

Chupacabra 300 (October 4th-7th)

Meet BRT Staff Member Casper “Welcome to Texas, you ‘all come back now!”

For more information on Baja Racing of Texas visit http://www.bajaracingtexas.com

  • L
    Lana Richards
  • October 4, 2011
You forgot the UTV Pro division!! That was my first race ever!!
Lana Richards, driver and husband navigator, Garland Richards drove the first 3 laps and son, Conda Richards and grandson-navigator Kyler Richards drove the last 4 laps of the race. Awesome course and we had a great time!
  • B
    Bink Designs
  • October 4, 2011
Lana, Check out www.bink-photo.com for more photos from the weekend.