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11 Q&A’s with Jesse Jones

11 Q&A's with Jesse Jones
11 Q&A's with Jesse Jones

How did you get into racing?
A buddy and I were at a bar, watching a quad race on television and I told him I used to ride and race quads and he didn’t believe me. So I went and purchased a stock 250r quad, entered the Parker 400 and won in sportsman.

When did you enter your first race?

What’s your favorite and least favorite race?
Favorite – San Felipe
Least – Primm

What number Geiser truck are you on now?

When you are not racing what are doing?
I work quite a bit, but I recently acquired a new job – restoring a ’67
Camaro with my son who turns in 16 in January. We wanted to build a car rather than buy one.

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Besides offroad racing have you done any other form of Motorsports ?

Who in racing is your idol or mentor?
Larry Ragland

Who is your main racing competitor?
In today’s trophy truck field, there are 10 competitors who I feel have a chance at winning a race if all goes well. But the team I fear the most is McMillin, they have been on a run recently.

What do you think the future of offroad racing will bring?
I’m worried about racing in the united States. Our promoters do a great job, but environmental and land use issues seem to keep presenting new challenges to the BLM. I realize it’s a give and take, and I hope we can at least maintain the current races we have. As far as technology is concerned, I think we have a long way to grow. The current trucks are finished evolving.
I feel that the new truck that Jeff, Rick Geiser and I are working on will pass the plateau Trophy Trucks have reached.

What is your most memorable Baja story in a few words?
Winning the San Felipe 250.

I’m sure you had a “low point” in racing where you wanted to quit. Tell us about it.
2006 Baja 1000. We changed three transmissions. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong and I actually did quit. At the swimming pool in Cabo after the race, I sold my entire team to the Weyrich’s.

Thank you very much for your time