Josh Daniel Hangs on at BWDC for First Win in the Twin Turbo Trophy Truck

The race course took a beating yesterday in the opening 76 miles of Best in the Desert’s BlueWater Desert Challenge.  Today, holes were deeper, lap times were longer, average speeds were slower.  It was apparent that from the first four races of day, that it could be anyones race in the final battle amongst Trick Trucks.  Josh Daniel had other plans and secured his first win in his Twin Turbo Trophy Truck after another dominant performance in the second day of racing.


After being awarded a start alone pole position in yesterday’s race, Daniel’s advantage was clear and built a 04:20 minute lead over 2013 BITD Champion Jason Voss.  Today, Daniel was paired up with Voss in an all out blitz to the open desert.  Had Voss beat Daniel around the third turn and out of the start infield, who knows what would have happened but Daniel was the one who went out ahead.

Lap one split times read:
1. Josh Daniel
2. Kyle Leduc +00:02
3. Steve Olliges (Rob MacCachren) +00:03


Later we learned that Voss had a blown radiator.  MacCachren would now have to put 05:08 on Daniel and Kyle Leduc, 09:31.  After lap two, MacCachren was ahead of Daniel by +00:01 on the day.  Rob Mac eventually went on to win the day but Daniel was right behind him at the finish and held on to the win on overall time by +03:54.

“Down by the river, Rob gave us a couple bumps on the last lap so we let him go by.  From there it was all about the weekend” commented Daniel at the finish line.

“It was real dusty out there.  We beat Losch off the line and by RM 6 Voss was pulled over.  From there it was trying to catch Josh but he had a great race,” said MacCachren.

“If we’re not going to win it, we’re glad it’s Josh,” said Steve Olliges at the finish.

Huge shout out to Brett Sourapas for finishing 4th overall in the #6119 truck.



Average Speed
Josh Daniel
Steve Olliges
Carl Beal
Brett Sourapas
Shawn Croll

Harley Letner was the man to beat in Class 1500.  Letner remained dust free all day, minus the stragglers from the earlier race.  Heading in to Sunday, Ray Griffith needed to make up thirty nine seconds to catch Harley but instead fell +02:45 and dropped to third overall behind #1537 Lalo Laguna.  Laguna was hot on Letner’s tail but couldn’t real in the #1570.  Letner’s time was good enough for a ________ overall for all classes.


The closest race of the day was easily the first race between the UTV’s.  #1913 Brandon Sims edged out Jagged-X’s Brandon Schueler by three seconds to take the win in today’s race.  However, with Schueler’s two minute and twenty nine second lead from day one, Schueler was the overall winner in the 1900 Class.

Adding to his lead built on day one, #1153 Brad Wilson was first to the finish line in today’s race.  Wilson ran a flawless race, both days, and finished 04:11 ahead of second place finisher, #3002 Tim Brown, on the weekend.

In the Class 10 race, Cody Freeman was first to the finish line and beat out Adam Pfankuch for the win in the fourth race.  #7287 Dallas Luttrell won Class 7200 and Steve Olliges won Class 8 in his #8027 Ford.


Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography