JP Gomez Tops Qualifying For 2021 King Of The Hammers

Less then one tenth of a second separated JP Gomez and Jason Scherer today in qualifying for the 4400 class to see who will start on the pole for the 2021 Optima Batteries King of the Hammers Presented By Lasernut. JP Gomez will start first in whats being called the toughest King of the Hammers yet.

Drivers will start the morning being sent into the desert on their first lap of the race with the only rock section being in Cougar Buttes. After about 80 miles they return back to Hammertown to tackle some of the hardest trails in Johnson Valley, including “Kings Graveyard” which is a new trail they run down and can be a day ender if not navigated correctly.

KOH 4400 Qualifying Results & Race Start Order

The short qualifying loop started at the start finish banner and went into the short course before hitting a small up and down rock section that while was simple for most, could be challenging if you didn’t chose your line correctly.

Bryan Crofts was right behind Scherer finishing less then a tenth behind him and Cameron Steele grabbed fourth. Brian Caprara finished off the top five all which were only a second apart from each other.

The level of talent continues to rise in 4400 and today showed just how evenly matched the drivers are nowadays. Starting with Gomez on the top, the 25 fastest drivers were less then ten seconds apart.

Qualifying is important because you have less people you need to get around in the rock sections, but anything can happen in the hardest off-road race in America and nothing is guaranteed.

Make sure you follow along live everyday on the Ultra 4 Racing live stream. Tomorrow is our first day of rock racing with the UTV race so make sure to tune in!


Photos by HighRev Photography