Justin Davis Leads the Charge to Win HDRA 250

Justin Davis and his Green Army race team captures the overall victory at the King Shocks HDRA 250 in Ridgecrest, Ca. Davis had a trouble-free day despite heavy dust and rocky conditions. He charged hard for the first few laps until he closed in on the truck of Tim Herbst on lap three. There was no reason to try a risky pass; if he followed him in, he would win on corrected time. “Our day went flawless,” said Justin Davis, “We started seventh and just keep the truck moving; picking them off. You had to stay in your rhythm. If you strayed off course there was a rock waiting for you. The Herbst’s gave us a run for our money but it was just an awesome day and no problems.”
The Herbst brothers take second and third at the HDRA 250

Tim Herbst came in second followed by brother Troy in third. “The truck ran really well,” said Tim Herbst, “These guys have been working on the suspension quite a bit; we’ve got the new King Shocks on there. It’s put us light years ahead of where we’ve been. We’re real excited for the rest of the year. It was pretty fun but real dusty out there. It kind of played into the race for the overall a little bit but that’s racing. Everyone had to go through it on laps three and four. ”

Richard Boyle takes the Class 1 victory

In class one, it was the #156 of Richard Boyle taking the victory. The win, when combined with his second place finish at the South Point 250 gives him the points lead in the unlimited, open wheel class. Class 10 points leaders Andrew Myers and Ross Savage took their second win in a row in class 10. “I just want to thank HDRA, Roger Norman, the whole organization,” said Andrew, “What a great day. We are going for the World Championship of Desert Racing so this win puts us in great shape for that. We must have passed twenty cars on lap three, all in the dust, it was wild.”

Cameron Steele charged from the back for a fourth place finish

There were many great races going on all over the Ridgecrest course but two are especially worth noting. First was the onslaught of Cameron Steele who started dead last in the Trophy Truck field after losing an engine on the reconnaissance lap before time trials. His crew rushed back to the shop and fetched the second truck for race day; he finished fourth. Just behind Cameron was BJ Baldwin who qualified in the top spot but got left in the dust on lap one when his ring and pinion let go. He and his crew never gave up. After they made repairs, he fought through the dust for the top five finish.

Click here for the unofficial results for all classes.

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    james quail
  • April 11, 2013
having the hdra here was awsome hope to see the series continues holding off road racing here i'm a big fan. had two uncles that raced desert and even baja. one raced open wheel and my other raced an atk. if my funds were more expandable i would diffently be out there on the circut. seeing the baldwins and ivan strewt in my home town couldnt be a greater experience. thanx for taking the time and i hope all the drivers liked the territory.