Justin Lofton Podiums at Parker 425 Season Opener

Justin Lofton Podiums at Parker 425 Season Opener

Parker, AZ

Justin Lofton ended 2019 with a solid run. He’s started 2020 no different. Taking on one of the most challenging races in his career, Justin tackled the Best In The Desert Parker 425 this past weekend. While this race is known to be brutal, it seems even more so for Justin – he hasn’t had a decent finish since 2004. That’s 16 years!

So far, it seems like his luck in 2020 is turning around. He finished the Time Trials in third place, behind Jason Voss. With a solid starting place locked in, he set about doing what needed to be done. After suffering a driveline failure, he fell back several positions. They put two new Yokohama Tires on and added 80 gallons of Torco fuel after the first lap. He set out on the second lap and experienced no issues. Justin worked his way back up to the third position and finished with a solid third lap. He landed on the podium in third place with the best finish at this race for the first time in 16 years.

“We’re really happy with the results of this race. While I’m not ready to say I’ve gotten rid of the curse of Parker 425, I will say this is a move in the right direction. It was a good race with some new partners and several familiar ones and we’re looking forward to how the rest of this year is going to play out.” – Justin

With less than a week turnaround time, Justin and his team will be heading out to Johnson Valley to compete in the King of Hammers race. They placed second last year and are looking to cross that finish line out front this year. Justin relies on his team and sponsors, most notably, Yokohama Tire and FOX, to help get him across that finish line.

Follow Justin and the team over on his YouTube channel for the behind the scenes look at Parker 425 and what he’s doing to prepare for King of Hammers.

For all the latest information about Justin’s amazing life go to: https://www.justinlofton41.com/ and follow @justinlofton41

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