Justin Lofton Qualifies First For BITD Laughlin Desert Challenge

Qualifying went down today for the BITD Laughlin Desert Challenge and it was an all out sprint.

Much like the race course is a sprint BITD setup a qualifying loop just the same. A short 2.5 mile course that started and ended in the infield set the starting order for Saturdays races.


Justin Lofton came out top qualifier with a time of 2 Minutes, 21 Seconds averaging 63.6 mph so he will start solo with clean air in his heat. Jason Voss came in a second behind Lofton followed by Dale Dondel, Harley Letner, and Shawn Croll.

In Class 1500 James Dean came in less then a second faster the Sam Berri with Bob Lofton rounding out the top 3.

6100 top qualifier went to Kyle Jergensen and less then a tenth of a second slower was Brandon Arthur who is coming back for redemption after a bad crash after racing here two years ago. Third fastest was Ray Griffth.

Different this race is there are heats through out the day so all three classes will start in their own heat.


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if both 2wd and 4wd qualify this shakes up the whole thread about how 4wd will always be better... but great news

Slippery P

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Yes Dondel’s truck is 4wd with a twin turbo SBC and a sequential trans, the truck is really fast. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd will be a good battle of course I would like to see Lofton or Dale win as they are both our engines. Smiley truck is a new Geiser G6 2wd with a BBC.


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Who's your pick for the win in TT? Will it be Lofton, Voss or Dondel? Or someone from farther back in the pack?

Dondel's is 4wd? Is the Geiser #2 Smiley truck 4wd also? (or maybe I'm thinking of someone else)
Voss has been on fire lately, he was running away with it at Laughlin in October, won Parker. If I was to bet it would be Voss