Justin Lofton Returns To Racing At Silver State 300


Justin Lofton Returns To Racing At Silver State 300

Alamo, NV

Well, 2020 is the year that keeps on giving. With all the chaos going on in the world right now, it was nice to get back to a typical race week at the Best In The Desert Silver State 300. But it turned out to be a bit more eventful than anticipated.

A wildfire started the day before the race, impacting the starting line. The Best In The Desert officials acted quickly and professionally, ensuring all athletes and support crew were safe. The start line was changed to a new location, a few miles down the road.

Justin started second off the line and worked his way down the track. It was a fast course, made up of fire roads, narrow mountain trails through pine forests, and silt. “We ended up with a tire change early on, pushing us back a few positions. The course was mostly lined in rocks, many of the drivers also made tire changes early in the race. We settled in the fifth position behind BJ Baldwin before our planned stop at Pit 3.” stated Justin.

Justin continued, “This course is known to make quite a few people sick and at Pit #3, my navigator Derek ended up swapping out. After two new Yokohama Geolandars and 80 gallons of Torco Race fuel, we were on our way in no time. A final tire change just 20 miles from the finish line caused us to lose a few more positions and we ended up in the eleventh position for the race.”

The wildfire kept this entire race in chaos. The Best In The Desert officials were letting people know that we had to end the race early, possibly at Pit #7. The situation continually changed and ended the race even earlier at Pit #6, Justin ended settling 11th in class.

Bob Lofton, Justin’s dad, also had a crazy day of racing in his Jimco Racing Class 1500 as his navigator ended up sick. Later on, in the race, Bob ended his day a few miles out of Caliente with broken power steering.

Justin is excited to get back behind the wheel and the team is already back in the race shop prepping the truck for Vegas to Reno.

Check out our YouTube channel for behind the scenes video of this race.

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Photography By: Bink Designs

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