Justin Lofton Takes Youtheory’s Trick Truck For a Ride and Wins BITD Silver State 300

The Best In The Desert (BITD) VT Construction Silver State 300 featured a 298-mile race course traversing through the high desert of Eastern Nevada and some of the most scenic landscapes found in the great American West. Justin Lofton hitched a ride with Youtheory Racing while the #41 FOXSTEEL-ITMultiCam, #AHBEEF Truck was down for maintenance. With the reigns of the #37 Terzo Trick Truck in Lofton’s hands, Justin dominated the field and claimed the race win by over 8 and a half minutes.

BITD’s fresh recipe for this classic American off-road race dished out endless scenic vistas of high-desert mountains crossing through the old west with historic railroad territory, active cattle ranges, and sprinkled with abandoned mining towns nearby. This race offers a unique flavor of off-road, and a hungry field of 20 Trick Truck challengers ventured to brave this ultra high-speed frontier, but none came close to Justin Lofton’s blazing fast 1st place victory.

“WHOO-WEE! What a race,” exclaimed Lofton at the finish line. “It was so much fun racing with Jason [Voss]. We had a great race. This is just awesome.” Voss fell back near the end due to some mechanical performance. Justin finished the race in impressive fashion way ahead of the rest of the field with an official 8 Minute 36 Second lead over second place Justin Matney [the 2018 BITD Trick Truck Champion]. Mile for mile, Lofton was the fastest in every section of the course. With nearly 20 starters and only 12 finishers due to attrition, Lofton’s pedigree is a top choice prime selection as a replacement driver.

Justin continued, “The Silver State 300 is a favorite race of mine. There are many super fast graded roads, miles of tight winding trail sections with trees closely lining the course, and wide open silty lake beds. I enjoyed the constant driving challenges along the way.  Qualifying was critical for this course because of the speeds and the dust. I plated it up nice with a top qualifying spot in 3rd which was great for us.”

Brett Sourapas qualified first in an AWD Truck which is a premium setup for this style of course. “If it stayed together, it would have been tough to beat,” explained Justin. “We caught James Dean [the 2nd place qualifier] just after Pit 2 and pulled up to him at the road crossing. He got excited and pushed too hard, blowing through a tight 90-degree right-hand corner taking the left front off. So we pushed on!”

Lofton described what it took to earn the victory. “I was driving pretty aggressive and using a lot of the race course to push our speed as fast as we could go. About Race Mile 90, I nailed a large rock and caused a slow tire leak. We pulled into Pit 3, where the team changed it out quickly and got us back on course. Voss pulled up to our rear bumper and pushed us through the speed zone.

From there, the race was on for the next 130 miles until he had trouble. Then it was clear sailing to the finish. We heard over the radio that we had a few guys 20 minutes back that could challenge us on time, so I turned up the heat for a searing hot finish. We never let up or relaxed at all! Big thanks to Youtheory Racing for having me out and filling in for Jeff. Our only objective was to keep the #37 truck in points contention, and we did all that we could to do that. A big nice juicy win sure does taste better though!”

Next up for Justin Lofton, is the 2019 SCORE International Baja 500. This a challenging race of historic proportions that will bring the premiere talent of off-road racing to Baja California. Be sure to follow Justin Lofton’s racing efforts in the video series #AHBEEF Life on YouTube and get a taste of that #AHBEEF Life!

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