Justin Lofton Winning On All Fronts In May

Justin Lofton Winning On All Fronts In May

The month of May was filled with winning for Justin Lofton. He started things off with an impressive overall victory at the Best in the Desert, Silver State 300 race where he crushed the competition. Justin was not in either of his amazing FOX / STEEL-IT / MultiCam, Trophy Trucks, instead he was driving the YouTheory Racing truck of Jeff Terzo. Justin merely mounted his custom made seat into the truck, and was lightning fast, right out of the box. He qualified third fastest during time trials on Thursday before the race.

The Silver State race course is a driver’s dream, and one of Justin’s favorites. It has big open stretches where you can go flat out for miles. In the mountains, it gets tight and twisty. Despite brushing tree branches on the tight trails, Justin’s pace was very fast in the mountains. It must be a lot of fun to flick a Trophy Truck through the forest, but the stakes are high. One slight mistake can send you off into the trees; a fate that was suffered by several drivers; ending their day. Justin had a blast in the mountains and already worked his way to the front from his third place starting position by the halfway point of the race. As the course returned to the desert floor, Justin was running fast with clean air out front. He was physically and figuratively leaving the competition in the dust. After 300 miles, Justin won the race by a convincing 10-minute gap back to second place.

With another impressive win in the bank, it was time to write some checks. The Justin Lofton Foundation gave much-needed assistance to some great kids. Justin always looks forward to spending some time visiting with the kids from the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Imperial Valley, Brawley Chapter. On May 23rd, he was able to stop by, pose for photos, hand out stickers, and have a check presentation ceremony. “We presented a check for $20,000 bringing our total to $25,000 for the 9th annual Justin Lofton Foundation Charity Golf Tournament,” said Justin. “That brings the total donation amount to $300,000.”

The JLF Charity Golf Tournament is great fun for everyone who attends every year, and it’s a huge win for the kids in Brawley. Next year’s charity golf tournament date is Jan, 18th 2020. The Justin Lofton Foundation does great work with the Boys and Girls Clubs, but that’s not all. Along with the Boys and Girls Club donation, they also gave to the Imperial county 4-H committee. They received a donation for $7,000 so the kids can attend the National Convention in Louisville, KY. Justin was active in 4-H when he was growing up, and knows the many benefits that 4-H programs provide. It’s important for the Imperial County Club to participate at the National level, so the JLF stepped in to make it happen.

From the Imperial Valley in California to the Baja Mexico peninsula, Justin headed south to prerun for his second ever SCORE International Baja 500 race. The Baja 500 is an epic race that starts in Ensenada and makes a huge 500-mile loop that traverses the mountains, crosses dry lake beds, and touches both the Sea of Cortez and the Pacific Ocean. That’s why the race is one of the most iconic in the world. Justin will spend days prerunning to find the fastest way around the course. When you are traveling at high speeds, you need to rely on instincts when it comes to making the countless split-second decisions during the race. Prerunning the course is a big part of race preparation, and it gives everyone a chance to stop and take in the sights, as well as some tacos. On race day, they will be too busy; streaking past at triple digit speeds. For the race, Justin will be in his truck “Fury” that has a new Albins 5 speed manual gearbox.

After the intensity of the Baja 500, Justin will be looking forward to some rest and relaxation. He will be spending some time at the beach, and attending a couple of Raptor excursion trips. By the time that the BITD Vegas to Reno race comes along in August, he will be more than ready to get back to racing. It takes a huge team effort to be on top, and Justin credits his team of FOXSTEEL-ITMultiCam, #AHBEEF, Justin Lofton FoundationBFGoodrich TiresMethod Race WheelsCometic GasketsWalker IndustriesJustice BrothersBrembo BrakesBaja DesignsHolley EFIJimco RacingRoush Yates EnginesKlotz LubricantsFK Rod Ends, and Torco Race Fuels for his success. Every one of them contributes to the incredible pace that it takes to win. For those who follow his popular #AHBEEF life video series, and are curious how the team stays fueled during races, they have plenty of pure #AHBEEF hitting the grill.

For all the latest information about Justin’s amazing life go to: https://www.justinlofton41.com/ and follow @justinlofton41

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