Justin Matney Wins The BITD Silver State 300

Justin Matney is your overall winner of the 2018 BITD Silver State 300 but the win didn’t come easy. Matney battled hard all day with some of the fastest drivers around and he earned this win. Jason Voss who qualified up front started off the day with clean air and was winning the race until a suspension issue caused them to have some downtime about midway though the race.


Justin Lofton who was hot on Voss’s tail also suffered a mechanical issue with a blown motor that put him out of the race. Voss would get back going after some repairs but was way back and would have to settle with a 12th place finish.

Matney on the other hand had a trouble free race, getting by Justin Smith in the pits and then never looked back laying the hammer down. Sometimes drivers have a tendency to put it in cruise control when they are in the lead but Smith wouldn’t let him as he was always just outside his dust. A late flat by Smith 7 miles before the finish sealed the deal and Matney would go on to win the race.

In Class 1500 it was Pat Dean who finished first physically but Ladd Gilbert would end up taking the win on corrected time beating Dean by almost 5 minutes. Dean would finish second on time and Mike Baldi who started in the back made up time to finish third.

Corey Terry took home the win in 6100 and Brock Heger continues his dominance in class 1000 with another win.

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography
Water Photos by Bink Designs