Keegan Kincaid Is Your 2016 Amsoil Cup Challenge Winner -

Keegan Kincaid Is Your 2016 Amsoil Cup Challenge Winner

The 47th Annual Crandon Off-Road World Championship have now come and gone and once again they didn’t disappoint, and the race everyone wants to see is the Amsoil Cup Challenge that puts the Pro 2’s against the Pro 4’s in an all out war on the track. This year the Pro 2’s were given about a 26 second gap before the Pro 4’s left the line, with the goal being to have the Pro 4’s catch the leader in the last few laps.


Keegan Kincaid made the decision to race in his Pro 2 and the decision paid off as he checked out early after getting the holeshot off the start. Lap after lap the Pro 4’s started to pick off the slower Pro 2’s led by Doug Fortin and CJ Greaves. Kyle Leduc was in the hunt early but a flat tire put him out of the hunt. Fortin and Greaves battled hard but clean working their way up to Sheldon Creed who was running in second place and eventually would be taken over with three laps to go, but the distance Kincaid had put on the rest of the field was just too much, making him your winner.


The view from a GoPro mounted on Kyle Leduc’s truck.

Earlier in the day during the Pro 4 race Keegan Kincaid got taken out by Scott Douglas causing a rear flat.

Rubbing is racing.

It’s always a special moment when a parent can share moments like these with their kids.

Kincaid won the Amsoil Cup but it was CJ Greaves who won the war of the weekend taking home a Pro 2 and Pro 4 Championship, and winning both days in Stock UTV, and sweeping Pro 2 and Pro 4 today.

Shawn Morris testing out a new prototype Prolite body.

It must be a pretty cool feeling as a driver to go down the front stretch and see 30,000 people cheering you on.

The West Coast boys represented this weekend with Gavin Harliem taking third today in Prolite to go along with Fortin finishing third in the cup race today, and Patrick Clark landing on the podium both days in Pro 2.

Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography

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