Keith Steele – Crandon Brush Run Report

Madison, WI (June 23,2011) – Keith Steele came to Crandon looking to introduce his newest sponsor, Race Team Gear to the world of short course off-road racing as he looks to take the next step in his off-road racing career. After a day of testing a couple of weeks before the Potawatomi Brush Run, the team was well prepared for the track known as the “Big House.”

Friday afternoon practice saw the black # 29 looking for more speed. It seemed like the track was faster since their test session. With a couple of hours before qualifying the team went to work changing the rear gear. At the same time, other Pro-2WD teams were making changes for the very same reason. When the qualifying session was completed, Keith improved his lap times, but so did most of the drivers in the class as well.

When it came to get Round 3 underway, the entire PRO-2WD field lined up side by side for the infamous land rush start. Somehow everyone made it through Turn One without any major contact, especially since speeds through that part of the track are exceeding 100 mph.

Keith kept his Race Team Gear Kumho Tire Chevy out of trouble and finished the nine lap race in sixth place.

“Today we learned a lot about our truck and our competition,” noted Keith Steele. “After practice and then again after qualifying we made changes looking for more speed out of our truck. We found more speed with our Race Team Gear Chevy, but so did the competition. At this level of competition everyone is constantly looking for that extra advantage to keep ahead of the competition. ”

While the crew went to work prepping for the next day of racing, Keith Steele headed back to the trailer to review the video from the day’s round of racing.

The next morning the team awoke to a race track that was underwater.  Heavy rains throughout the night made Crandon’s entire 1.75 mile track impossible to hold any type of racing. At the 8am drivers meeting TORC officials cancelled Round 4.

With that news the team packed up and headed home.

The next race for Steele Off-Road Racing is August 13-14 in Bark River, Michigan.

Keith would like to thank all his supporters including:

Race Team Gear – Kumho Tire -Wolverine Performance –  J & H Transmission

King Shocks – Yank Converters – Allstar Performance – Fastenal

R2C Competition Filters – MSD Ignition – Race One Online – Phil’s Inc.

For more information or schedule an interview please contact  Izzy Steele, Administration Coordinator