Ken Block’s 2010 Highlight Clip: WIN or FAIL?

2010 turned out to be the biggest and most exciting year for Ken Block’s rally career. Becoming the first American to enter the World Rally Championship, Block took the motorsport world by storm by adding a full Rally America season, filming Gymkhana THREE, the Gymkhana GRID series, and more to his plate.

It wasn’t easy road, with a year full of mechanical issues and other setbacks. But Block filled it with enough win to make his name known – dropping into the history books of rally racing, and having one hell of a good time doing it.

Directed by The Martelli Brothers

Produced by Mad Media

LOL where can I vote?
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  • March 19, 2011
Block is the mf'n man. He should be competing in Global Rally Cross this year as well! I just red about it...www.global-rallycross.com They already have Millen, Foust, and Gronholm will be there! It's 3/25-26 in Irwindale!