The first round of the 2013 AMA National Hare & Hound opened up nicely in Lucernce Valley on Sunday. NH&H is considered the elite desert racing series in the west.

Kurt Caselli stopped to help a downed rider with a broken that other racers had not seen as they rode by. Caselli rode his friend 2-up  to the medics’ area and forfeited his finish and the points for the opener. He said it was the right thing to do and he had zero regrets.

Kendall Norman came out swinging for the fences at the National Hare & Hound Season Opener and opened up a noticeable lead over the field by the mid point.  Conditions could not have been better for racing with moist soil and patchy clouds.

Caselli stopped here to straighten out a bent brake rotor. He had already lost 2 dozen positions by this point.

Capt. Kurt Caselli, back just one week after his stellar DAKAR debut, was riding on a bent rear brake rotor when he got the first RDC secret photo spot. There, he got help from feral desert nomad Jaime Luis & his trusty crescent wrench. It was later in the race when Caselli was making up for lost time and he came across the downed rider.

Dave Kamo had to work his way up through the field for 2nd place.
Here’s David Kamo jamming up a nice little rocky hill

Caselli handled the bomb start with ease, while Norman was still 8-10 positions back in the pack. Clear on the other side of the course it was an entirely different story, Norman came into a tight, technical uphill section with minutes to spare. We saw him, he was riding his ass off. Kamo, Burson, and Arugbright started coming through several minutes later.

Skyler Howes was hard to miss up at the front of the field at the end of the "Bomb Start"
Skyler Howes was hard to miss and got second behind Caselli’s hole-shot

It’s an important win for Norman and a well executed move to start the AMA H&H Season. We expect to see Norman make a run for the title and mix things up a little bit, or at least hope so.


1. Kendall Norman (Honda CRF450X)
2. David Kamo (Honda CRF450X)
3. Jacob Argubright (Kawasaski KX450F)
4. Nick Burson (Beta 498 RR)
5. T.J. Hannafin (Beta 498 RR)
6. Ross Neely (Yamaha WR450F)
7. Skyler Howes (KTM 300 XC)
8. Justin Morrow (Beta 498 RR)
9. Tuffy Pearson (TM 300 MX)
10. Nic Garvin (KTM 250 XC)

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    Ryan Sanders
  • January 29, 2013
First off, it's Jimmy Lewis. He is arguably one of the best Off Road Journalist of all time (Dirt Rider editor for 10+ years) ... so you should pay a little bit better attention to who your working with.

Second off, enough with your one-sided reporting. It's the same story with you at every event you cover. It's all Caselli, Norman, and Johnny Campbell. They are all great and all... but what about the other riders?

You failed to acknowledge the fact that David Kamo (who took 2nd overall) had to borrow a bike, or the fact that Skyler Howes (who you have a photo of) physically led the race on a KTM 300 2-stroke at one point. It might be interesting to know that Jacob Argubright went down with only 10-miles to go relinquishing second to Kamo, or the importance of Purvines Beta having Nick Burson and TJ Hannifin inside the top five. Did you know that this was the first National Hare and Hound that Beta has had Open class 4-strokes finish in the top five?

Your story fails to mention that the returning Champ came into the pits at approx. 20th overall! Or the fact that there was the FIRST EVER Youth National Hare and Hound! Or even that there were Woman's, Vet and Senior class winners.

What about Tuffy Pearson finishing 9th overall on a TM 300 2-stroke? Or Nick Garvin who won the 250 class at 10th overall? Nothing in your article about David Pearson missing in action, or the absence of Destry Abbott at the start of the Hare and Hound Season.

It's a shame what the internet has done to media outlets like Cycle News, Dirt Rider, Etc. We went from having quality informative reporting, to boring one-sided ass-kissing reporting like your own. If you want to be a "reputable" reporter and a recognized "news/media outlet" like you claim for off-road events- deliver the right information, or take your personal weekend story to the forums.
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    Scotty Breauxman
  • January 29, 2013
Duly noted and agreed that this report isn't Pulitzer material here. Its a decision whether or not to have a post race report. I was out there on "other" business did it mostly for the pictures this time. I'll try harder next time.
  • C
  • January 31, 2013
The internet ruined Cycle News!!! All this time I though it was Bush's fault...
Shame on you internets!