Top 3- Graham Jarvis (ENG), Kyle Redmond and Destry Abbott
Final results- High-Tech scoring system

It is being called the first of its kind in North America- An “Extreme Enduro-Survival” Race. Creators Jimmy Lewis and Dave Cole (King of the Hammers) enlisted Trail Tech to supply 21 invited riders to use TrailTech’s Voyager GPS device to get attempt to navigate a seemingly impossible 80 mile course.

This is the Trail Tech Voyager onboard computer GPS. Each one was pre-programmed and given to the riders to help them stay on track for the 80 mile "Hell -Loop"

The Voyager is the most unique and specialized computer of its kind, and was chosen specifically for its ease of use in getting helping the riders figure out where to go. More on Trail Tech’s Voyager here:


The map of the 80 mile course, worthless without TrailTech's pre-programmed Voyager GPS unit

Only 6 of the 21 professional racers (28.5%) even finished the race, which is now being called a historical event.

Custom made perpetual trophy with travel to England to spend the summer. We hope to have it back in the states this time next year

RDC jumped at the opportunity to cover this inaugural event and, along with our friends on the ground in and around the Johnson Valley OHV park, we captured the following images to share with our loyal readers.

L-R: Caselli, Redmond and Jarvis get briefed in the riders meeting
Graham Jarvis; The King of the Motos-
Jimmy Lewis has created something special and should be proud of this work. The King of the Motos was born to be North America's premiere extreme enduro.
Ye olde Hammer Towne-from midway up JackHammer Canyon- Its just like a bivouac that doesn't move for a week- It will only get bigger as the popularity of this event continues to grow
Moments before the Billy Goat Bomb Start- The first of its kind

Kurt Caselli is known in off-road moto racing as the "golden boy" of the sport- Made the hole-shot


Graham Jarvis had never ridden a motorcycle in the US (outside of Endurocross)-and dusted 19 North Americans on the Billy Goat Bomb start. He went on to win the entire event.
Monster Energy's Destry Abbott is an American hero and has won most everything in off road- No spring chicken, Abbott pulled 3rd place

Nick Burson smoked his clutch before getting to the top of the billy goat bomb start-but took this crispy photo
Jarvis may be the King of the Motos- But Chris Ridgeway is the "King of Heart" and an inspiration to anyone with a pulse. Unfortunately, a front flat ended his day around race-mile 9
Heather Lewis photo of Caselli, Jarvis and Redmond dealing with what looks like an impossible section. This is not your typical motorcycle race.
The battle of JackHammer- Redmond and Jarvis battled back and forth to rousing cheers from a crowd of over 800 fans lining the remote canyon- Jarvis won the battle and the war.
Here, Kyle Redmond had regained the lead from Jarvis before dropping his 2-stroke Hussaberg in the rocks
Redmond, was stopped for 1.5 minutes after needing to adjust his throttle after dumping it in the rocks
The agile Graham Jarvis took off up the last half of JackHammer and never looked back- He will take home a check for $10,000.
Graham Jarvis cruised into the finish of the inaugural King of the Motos and gave Jimmy Lewis a perfect 10 for setting up a challenging course that ranks among the worlds toughest.
Graham Jarvis mopped up in the King of the Motos and will be telling his mates back home in Europe to make sure to race in this event nextyear.
Kyle Redmond is a force to be reckoned with in the Endurocross scene and showed his might battling it out with Jarvis and the field in the King of the Motos
Another look at the Voyager's "Dash Board". This unit takes the prize for versatility.