Kyle Leduc Is Your LOORRS Challenge Cup Winner -

Kyle Leduc Is Your LOORRS Challenge Cup Winner

Some survived the Challenge Cup, a few went home early, and only a select few held their arms raised with the cup trophy and a fat check. Today marked the end of the short course season as the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series held their final races of the year. No points on the line, just racing for cold hard cash and the bragging rights going into next season.

With a 15 second head start the Pro 2’s would try and start gapping the Pro 4’s who were drooling at the mouth trying to real the two wheel drive trucks in. After a few restarts (if there were any yellow flags in the first four laps the trucks would be re-gapped at 15 seconds) RJ Anderson and Brian Deegan led the field around the track.


It didn’t take long before the Pro 4’s led by Kyle Leduc starting picking there way past the Pro 2’s, and lap by lap both classes started having trucks drop out left and right. Eventually Deegan was forced to pull off which left only RJ in Leduc’s sight. RJ did an awesome job holding off Leduc for as long as he could, but with four laps remaining Kyle was able to get around RJ and take it home for the win. With the cup win Leduc adds his name once again to the Challenge Cup trophy and takes home $30,000.


It was a great day of racing, here are some of our favorites from the day.

Wade Wyman went for a pretty wild ride in his Prolite but was able to walk away unhurt. His radiator not so much.

Christopher Polvoorde celebrates his cup win against the silhouette of the sky.

With everyones adrenaline racing high it took a few times to get the Pro 2 / Pro 4 cup race started cleanly.

The drivers aren’t the only ones who get to celebrate after a win.

Lucas Oil brought back the UTV class for the cup weekend and announced that for 2017 they will be at all the national races.

With the help of Steve Jobs, Kyle Leduc was still able to share the cup win with his family at home.


There’s no better feeling for a driver then winning the biggest race of the year.

Both Polvoorge and Hailie Deegan will be stepping up to Prolite next year full time.


Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photo

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