Kyle Leduc Reaches 50 Wins In Reno

While yesterday’s fans didin’t quite fill the whole grandstands, tonight was a different story. Even after opening ceremonies started there were still people pulling into the facility, and LOORRS even sold out of wristbands at the ticket counter. A packed house showed up for Round 6 of the Lucas Oil Offroad Racing Series and the drivers all responded by putting on some great racing.

Kyle Leduc joined a hall of fame group tonight after winning the Pro 4 race and sweeping the weekend. With the win Leduc reached the 50th win of his short course career split between his run in Prolite and now dominate Pro 4. The win also gives him 5 of the 6 rounds and helps increase his points lead. The race started off with 4 of the heavy hitters of the class in the first two rows. Carl Renezeder and Ricky Johnson lined up first, followed by Kyle Leduc and Rob MacCachren. The four of them battled the whole race with Renezeder taking the early lead, but it would be short lived as Leduc would find room by him in the last turn. From there Leduc never lifted and took home the win. Johnson would spin out in turn one late in the race so Rob Mac would round out the podium.

Pro 4 Results
1. Kyle Leduc
2. Carl Renezeder
3. Rob MacCachren


First race after opening ceremonies was Pro 2. In what seemed like the longest Pro 2 race in history due to many yellow flags, in the end the fans got what they wanted with everything from crashes, fiberglass flying, clean racing and overall some hard charging battles. Bryce Menzies would be forced to start in the back once again after failing a tech inspection after qualifying for being too low. Greg Adler and Myan Spaccarelli also started in the back for similar reasons.


Brian Deegan started on the pole and ran his own race probably oblivious to the carnage that was behind him. By the time the checkered flag was waved, attrition took its toll and over half the drivers were parked on the side with either mechanical problems or due to rollovers. The ground behind Deegan included Rob Mac, RJ Anderson, Carl Renezeder, Bryce Menzies, Robby Woods, and Marty Hart. RJ was running strong in second most of the race but got spun out in turn 1. An emotional Robby Woods took home third place. After popping his main engine the night before, his crew of four worked through the night and into this morning to change out the motor. Working on a smaller budget and under staffed it meant a lot to Woods and his team for him to end up on the podium.

Pro 2 Results
1. Brian Deegan
2. Carl Renezeder
3. Robby Woods


Qualifying second and starting on his first pole, Brandon Arthur got the hole shot over Deegan and looked like a veteran of the sport holding off the field until on lap 9 he would hit a rut in turn two causing the whole field to go by. Earlier in the race the red flag would come out as Justin “Bean” Smith took a tumble before turn two when he nosed in off the same jump that swallowed Myles Cheek the day before. While Bean said afterwards he did get knocked out, he was able to get out of the car on his own power and will be just fine (his truck maybe not so much). With Arthur out of the way Deegan would grab the lead, but would suffer a flat tire causing him to run to the hot pits. Capitalizing on Deegans misfortune was Kyle Hart who had been following the lead pack the whole night. With only a few laps left Hart would take home the win making his family and biggest fans proud.


Prolite Results
1. Kyle Hart
2. Jimmy Fitzpatrick
3. Sheldon Creed


Photos by Jason Zindroski of HighRev Photography