La Paz OSOR Pro Baja Bronco Short Course –

La Paz OSOR Pro Baja Bronco Short Course

Over 150 teams gathered last Sunday October 3rd to compete at the Bronco Circuit Racing Park for OSOR ProBaja’s sixth race of the year, the “Bronco Circuit Short Course”. Ten thousand fans attended the event, braving 100 degree temperatures to support their favorite drivers.

The event started Saturday night, with contingency on the La Paz boardwalk where all of the fans were able to spend a few minutes with the drivers, take some pictures with the guys they idolize, add to their autograph collection and talk racing.   La Paz is a race crazy town, and the support of the fans is unequaled!
124 cars and 46 bikes were registered for the second to last race of the year. The race started at 8:00 am Sunday for the bikes, sportsman, class 22, 21 and quads.
The competition was fierce in the vehicle classes. Sportsman Truck went off first with Paul Clark taking first place.  Classes 9 and 11 had Holmos Racing Team as the winner, taking the lead from start to finish. Manuel Osuna took first place in the always competitive Stock Mini class, starting at the back of the pack and working his way through traffic.
Class 6 saw Samir Gonzales take first place over Randy Sanders.  Class 8 stock had an exciting start followed by some caution laps after a small mishap at the first jump. Daniel Perez from Team Froggs crossed the finish line in first place, securing the championship with the victory.  Holmos Racing had their third victory of the day in class 1600.
Chivys Racing was the winner in Class 7 over the rookie Alan Chavez who had a strong start but was passed by Silvino Ortega in the third lap.
Class 8 was spectacular as Andrea Tomba of ATR and the Lagarto driven by Joel Lopez from the mainland battled it out for first place. Tomba lead for two laps with the Lagarto team close behind who eventually taking the lead.   Tomba in second place was only a couple of meters from overtaking at the end of the race.. Randy Sanders, who previously competed in Class 6 had an impressive race coming from last in the pack to third place.
The public was anxious for the start of Class 12, one of the most competitive classes in Baja Sur.  Francisco “Chico” Villagomez, the local favorite gave a lesson in off road driving, beating the famous Travieso’s team from the mainland, Steve Eugenio, Jaime Huerta and Samuel Araiza.
Raul Castilla shined in Class 1 as he was the leader from start to finish. The fight for 2nd and 3rd place was spectacular with Eduardo Guitron, Pepe Vizcaino and Martin Avendaño separated only by 5 meters.
Ernesto Cervantes, one of the fastest drivers in Baja was the winner in the Trophy Truck class. He had no competition and showed everybody why he is considered one of the best drivers in the series as he won the overall race champion driving his Pro 2.  Alejandro Abaroa was not able to use his powerful #99 and used the winning Class 1 with Trophy fibers. His brother, Jose Luis, had a great race and got second place ahead of “Caguamo” Martin Avendaño.
The last race of the season is next month.  There are many close points races, and it is sure to be spectacular.   Baja Sur racing is a family sport, many of the teams have been involved for the past decade, it is in their blood and it is wonderful to see two generations of families enjoying the sport.  Several of the local teams will be racing in the upcoming Baja 1000, win or lose they remain heroes to the next generation.

1.  5x    Alberto Cázarez
2.  55x    Ramón Dávila
3.  2x    Vincent Meza
1.  55x    Ramón Dávila
2.  197x    Carlos Del Toro
3.  127x    Edgar Nicolás Ruiz Villavicencio
1.  255x    Romel Rubio
2.  634x    José Aldo Vázquez
3.  56x    Erick Alberto Otero García
1.  22a    José Miguel Fisher
2.  79a    Manlio Fabio Díaz
3.  14a    Edgar Josué Aldecua / Víctor Castro
1.  260a    Ahmed Marrón
2.  251a    Jesús Contreras
3.  317a    Edwin Alexis Sánchez González
1.    28 Ernesto Cervantes 13:55:01 OVERALL
2.    21 José Luis Abaroa
3.    20 Martín Avendaño Ojeda
1.    101 Raúl Castilla/Danny Arreola 14:22:02
2.    189 Eduardo Güitrón
3.    103 José Ismael Vizcaíno
1.    1201 Francisco Villagómez 14:21:12
2.    1203 Jaime Huerta/Octavio Dávalos
3.    1299 Samuel Araiza Vázquez
1.    817 Joel López Félix 15:51:83
2.    800 Andrea Tomba Scalia
3.    622 Randy Sanders
CLASS  1600
1.    1639 Rolando Holmos 15:22:43
2.    1600 Víctor Barreda/Valerio González
3.    1677 Sergio Ojeda
1.    709 Silvino Ortega/Antonio López 16:20:44
2.    746 Alán Chávez/Francisco Chávez
3.    720 Antonio Cázares
CLASS  5-1600
1.    579 Enrique Zazueta 17:0645
2.    561 Trinidad Gutiérrez
3.    570 Javier Montoya
1.    861 Hugo Gómez Savín 16:44:05
2.    880 Paúl López Munguía
3.    865 Agustín Agúndez
1.    614 Samir González 16:52:07
2.    633 Randy Sanders / Chad Faulkner
3.    625 Silvino Ortega
1.    900 Alejandro Vega/Rolando Holmos 16:17:30
2.    989 Jesús Villagómez
3.    999 Abraham Collins
1.    789 Manuel Antonio Osuna 17:23:92
2.    750 Mario Cham
3.    791 Rogelio Landín Olivas
1.    1148 Alfredo Arípez 18:42:53
2.    1116 Lorenzo Raúl González
3.    1140 Ramón Agúndez
1.    1515 Paul Clark 18:02:89
2.    1510 Pedro Velázques III
3.    1500 Cesar Romero Jr.
1.    1420 Félix González 17:12:79
2.    1418 Miguel Ángel Carballo Jr. / Francisco Romero
3.    1430 Manuel Alejandro Martínez Gamma

Story and Photos by: Rory King