Laughlin Desert Challenge Qualifying

High winds throughout the day died down just long enough for BJ Baldwin to take the pole position at this years Laughlin Desert Challenge.

With a blazing fast time of six minutes, 23.99 seconds and 9 seconds faster than second place qualifier Rob MacCachren; Bj will lead the field at tomorrow’s season opener.

“We improved our lap time by nearly nine seconds over last year, so we are very stoked,” said Baldwin, who won this race in both 2006 and 2007 and was second in qualifying last year in Laughlin. “This was our first time running with Toyo Tires and they were hooked up just perfect on this rugged little race course. Our Chevy Silverado is ready to roar on the river and I have to be calm enough to keep from pushing it over the edge.”

Top qualifiers:

TOP QUALIFIER: 97 B.J. Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 6 minutes, 23.99 seconds (58.59 miles per hour)
2. 20 Rob MacCachren, Las Vegas, Ford F-150, 6:33.00 (57.25mph)
3. 10 Greg Nunley, Tulare, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 6:38.48 (56.48mph)
4. 65 Lloyd Sproule/Derrick Sproule, Canada, Ford F-150, 6:42.16 (55.95mph)
5. 14 Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Cody Stuart, Capistrano Beach, Calif., GMC Sierra, 6:42.30 (55.93mph)
6. 94 Steven Strobel, Clarks, Neb., Ford F-150, 6:45.60 (55.47mph)
7. 16 Cameron Steele, San Clemente, Calif./Cody Stuart, Capistrano Beach, Calif., GMC Sierra, 6:49.39 (54.96mph)
8. 98 Gary Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore., Ford F-150, 6:49.63 (54.93mph)
9. 18 Juan Carlos Lopez, Tecate, Mexico/Justin Matney, Bristol, Tenn., Chevy Silverado, 6:51.01 (54.74mph)
10. 2 Pete Sohren, Glendale, Ariz., Ford F-150, 6:51.48 (54.68mph)
11. 9 Mark Weyhrich, Troutdale, Ore., Ford F-150, 6:51.78 (54.64mph)
12. 12 Brendan Gaughan/Brian Collins, Las Vegas, Dodge Ram1500, 6:53.00 (54.48mph)
13. 15 Armin Schwarz, Germany/Martin Christensen, Escondido, Calif. (Denmark), Chevy Silverado, 6:54.98 (54.22mph)
14. 30 Robbie Pierce, Santee, Calif., Ford F-150, 6:56.56 (54.01mph)
15. 95 Scott Whipple/Scott Gailey, Norco, Calif., Ford F-150, 6:58.39 (53.78mph)
16. 48 Jimmy Knuckles, Brawley, Calif., Sean McCallum, Imperial, Calif., Ford F-150, 7:00.50 (53.51mph)
17. 84 Nick Vanderwey, Phoenix/Larry Vanderwey, Litchfield Park, Ariz., Chevy Silverado, 7:01.13 (53.42mph)
18. 34 Ken Losch, Tempe, Ariz./John Pickett, Tulare, Calif., Chevy Silverado, 7:07.42 (52.64mph)
19. 96 Bobby Baldwin, Las Vegas, Chevy Silverado, 7:22.40 (50.86mph)
20. 68 Marc Ewing, Henderson, Nev./Bryce Menzies, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (DNF)
21. 19 Tim Herbst, Las Vegas, Ford F-150 (DNS)
22. 47 James Bult, Monee, Ill/Jacob Bult, Sand Point, Idaho, Dodge Ram2500 (DNS)
23. 49 Ryan Arciero, Foothill Ranch, Calif., Chevy CK1500 (DNS)
24. 35 Jason Voss/Rich Voss, Cupertino, Calif., Ford F-150 (DNS)

  • N
  • January 14, 2012
Nice race to the TT-18 PIN-RPM Team we take the second place :)
  • P
    phx fan
  • January 14, 2012
i gotta tell you there was no seating of any quality,almost impossible to see any good racing and what happened to the laughlin leap, someone stole the bleachers too