The Legend of Solorzano [Video]

Legend of Solorzano from Abandon Visuals on Vimeo.

To race Off-Road is already a tough idea, race in a limited truck is even worse but nothing compares to the legendary Class 11. We found this video of Eric Solorzano and we instantly knew that we had to share it. If you don’t know who Eric Solorzano is, this is a must-watch video and if you do, even more. Kudos to Solorzano for getting a little bit of the recognition he and all the Class 11 deserves. All hail the mighty Class 11!

To race Class 11 at the Baja 1000—populated by horribly overmatched pre-1982 Volkswagen Beetles—is to be a bit mad.
No one on Earth is greater at racing Volkswagens through the bone-dry desert than Eric Solorzano, known as the King of Class 11.

Directed By: Jonny Mass

Starring: Eric Solorzano
Written By: Joseph Bien-Kahn
Production Company: Abandon Visuals, Made By Limbo
Executive Producers: Jonny Mass, Edward Khoma

Producer: Chris Dodds
Director of Photography: Jared Fadel
Editor: Edward Khoma
Original Score: Bytheway-May
Brenden Bytheway
Doug May

Color: Company 3
Colorist: Tyler Roth
Producer: Joel Signer
Production Coordinator: Tare Reeves
Senior Color Assist: Parker Jarvie
Color Assist: Zachary Korpi

Sound Design: Bytheway-May
Brenden Bytheway
Doug May

Chase Car Unit: Birds Eye Productions
Camera Op / Teach: Josh Lambeth

Drone Unit: Ascending Works
Drone Pilot: Keaton Bowlby
Drone Op: Cy Armstrong

Special Thanks:
Tijuana Department of Tourism
Elemer Cayetano
Mike Acuna
Brian Byrne
Abel Cine


One comment on “The Legend of Solorzano [Video]
  1. Jason Burns says:

    Thats an awesome video and story.

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